How to?

Been playing this game for a bit. I like it but am getting to the frustrating parts of it without having to pay for extra stuff or advancement.
Needing more shooters but none of survivors are able to accept guns. Are they needing more experience or?
Also wanting to train outpost characters but cannot.


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    Love to help, but not sure how to reply.

    What is you player level and survivor level?

    And do you have Shooters? (The ones that can accept guns)

    - If yes, than upgrade them at your training grounds

    If no

    - Make radio calls till you get one.

    If you want to upgrade characters that are currently stationed at outpost you have to switch them with active Survivors and than train them
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    Everyone starts out with bruisers and scouts. As you progress through the story missions, you will unlocked ranged survivors and a warrior. Good luck!
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    GRIND GRIND GRIND. grinding is the key. abuse 1 min gas refill when they are ON. usually on weekends or holidays and stuff.
    GRIND 1min gas on scavenge missions untill you max out your storage for both exp and supplies. once you've done that. scavenge some more for weapons. inventory limit is at 180. this is for the rainy days. cuz when gas is back to 10min refill. it'd be hard to scavenge for exp. sell the weaps and armors you scavenged on the event.

    Your radios. do not fot the love of God waste them on 1star and 2 star calls. ALWAYS save 15 and call for 3star or higher. that your best bet to have a great line up in the long run.

    thats the shortest crash course i can give out and hopefully you will come to enjoy the game without stressing yourself out too much. lol :)
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    I just only learned last week (all on my own,too)how to train my survivors assigned to the outpost,& ive been playing for about 2 months! So maybe I can help. Go to ur outpost. Click on "change defenders". Just like how u pick ur survivors for a mission,u click on them,then swap them for another. U can then train them.
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    vixen243 said:

    U can then train them.

    U then cannot, actually, because you can't train survivors who are currently assigned to Outpost duty. To train one you need to free him or her from outpost duty. Maybe that is the very reason why @ZombieWriter complains about not being able to train OP characters. UPD Sorry, I wasn't paying attention, my bad

    @ZombieWriter please read this
    You may find there a lot of info needed.

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    Read again what @vixen243 said ;) She just explained exactly what you said. Swap them, then train.
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