POSSIBLE BUG - Unfair outpost matchups

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I'm not even sure where to start.

I am sure though that my account needs to be checked or something or if this is a bug that needs fixing. I will try to explain my problem in the best way that i can.

Currently, I am a Gold tier 1 rank in my outpost. I did not however reach this easily and by that i mean it has been hell to gain my outpost points.

I noticed this a long time ago and let it go cuz i thought it's something normal and other people may be experiencing it. but now that I'm lvl 34 overall it dawned to me how unfair my outposts raids and how I was being attacked was going.

My Team is currently Lvl12 and EVERYTIME (note how thats in caps) i do a raid, camps always have Lv14-15 guards. That has to at least give out an idea how hard it is. I can make 2 teams with a bruiser/scout/shooter. My shooter has a Legendary gun Lv12 full upg. Even with charge skill the 1st hit ON CRIT cannot even halve the life of a non bruiser unit. Take out the fact that they may have good armor or not the level gap difference tells you more than it should.

Now on the other side of the field. The people Raiding my camp is ALMOST ALWAYS 2 if not 3 Lvls above me.. I mean WTH?!?!?! srsly... how come all the guys I attack see on their LOG that a low lvl tried to raid them but this NEVER happens to me. you can check out my log if you want, if thats even possible. If not i would be happy to send screenshots.

Also, when i get raided i loose 15-19 pts while my raids only gain 11-13 at most if im lucky to raid a camp with 2 star survivors and succeed.

I am not sure if this is a bug or the game just hates me. I have held off spending on the game just yet due to this MAJOR problem. its the only PVP option on the game and I'm not sure how i got the short stick and was put on NIGHTMARE Difficulty but if you guys could fix this please. I would be more than grateful.



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    i posted my concern days ago and not even a single response from mods or developer.

    I'm not even sure if my post is visible to people as im new here but for reference, here is the link.


    I find it sad that nobody even bothers to care enough to reply with even a single "Don't worry we'll look into it" while other posts immediately get a response minutes from posting.

    Anyways, it was a good game. thanks for nothing.
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    What you describe is indeed a nightmare. Unfortunately it's a "known problem," and on The List of Things to Be Fixed.

    I'm sorry I can't give you a better response. My condolences for your extended hospital stay :(
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    ^^^^ that's me trying to be a valuable & constructive member of the forum community. But if your interested in my real opinion, it would be that outposts have serious match up issues that NG isn't sure how the fix. Moreover, I think it's really weak (bitch nuts weak) that you didn't get a response from NG. The only thing I can offer in their defense is that it was an abnormally crazy-busy week at Headquarters.

    Again, sorry for your negative experience. I wish I could help you more :/
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    @PlecX, welcome to the forum.

    The issue you are facing regarding matchup is due to players intentionally tanking influence to be at the lower tiers. You may want to see item #3.
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    Been in ur situation when my survivor level was at 14-15 back then. to make matter worst, there wave of new walker every 7 turn which 2-3 higher lvl than my survivor. end up i totally give up doing outpost until i reach lvl19 which i can fight on par with others.

    So i still think the outpost are more for near end game player with lvl18-20 survivor now to actually enjoy the outpost. I would encourage you to endure the endless farming of supplies till u reach near end game. Because outpost are still basically fked up for mid lvl player
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    Sorry. Just hadn't seen the post. That happens right? Only human.

    That said, matchmaking is weird to most of us i guess. My survivors are now level 17 and finally I've reached a point where i can actually win all three objectives and stay above 2000 influence, even against outposts with level 19 walkers.

    So tip one: hang in there.

    Next: just forget about influence. It doesn't matter much right now in the game. Make sure you have a scout on your team. Get your survivors in front of the gate. Skip a turn to make sure they are on full action points. Open gate but do not use scout for that. Now you still have two with full action points. Use scout to go to tg crate on one dash. Quit map. This way you get tg and do not lose influence.

    Make sure to put the scout in a spot in front of the gate that's in reach of the tg crate.
    Some players put theirdefenders in the route to prevent tg dash tactics. Stunning with assault can gain you a second turn without getting hurt.

    Look here too.
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    @pLeCx no one's explicitly mentioned this here, so-- yes, it's bizarre and it is not a bug. It has been happening since outposts started.

    That said, the notes @MadPuppy gave ^ are important. Use a scout to get trade goods and complete before injury.

    I'm finally on the other side (level 19) and gold tier 1.. and I'm occasionally being matched with level 15s. I haven't purposefully tanked. It *could* be someone forgot to put their 19s back in, but they're always epic/legendary and the end-game players I know wouldn't be holding on to that many low-level legends.

    My only advice, make your outpost so it's easy to grab the TGs but damage will be inflicted if they don't leave immediately (typically by spreading out your team so they can't all be stunned/taken out at once).

    Good (not-nerfed) luck!
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    I have level 16 epic outpost and also worked my butt off to get to gold tier 1, I was holding my own until the update and now I am attacked at least twice a day by level 19 players and am losing my ass. I checked my map right after the update and it hadnt changed much. No explanation why i cant log on without seeing ive lost twice since the day before. I'm really unhappy about it. I have a walker level of 60 as well.

    Since epic crates are GONE, all of my tg's r going to leg. crates!!! Something has to change!!!!
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