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I was under the assumption that the leader trait for a Hero would still be applied to the Hero when the Hero is not in leader position. After some initial testing, it appears that the special trait doesn't work unless it applies to the entire team from the Leader Position. I used Glenn not in the leader position, and his kills didn't yield food. If it doesn't work for Glenn and Maggie, I can only assume it doesn't work for the other Heroes. So basically, our Heroes not in the leader position are fighting with one less trait? What's up with that?

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    Not everybody should get the leader trait but Glen should get his leader trait just for his kills when he's not in the leader position
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    I think it is to prevent overpowered teams. Can you imagine fighting with Maggie, Glenn and Abraham all at once, giving you more ranged firepower, plus XP AND food bonuses? YEah, sounds great, but it's too much.

    I can imagine it. I take those 3 on a Raid with Abe in Leader Position. I get my usual 10k XP, then I get at most 1,000 Food for Glenn's Kills, and maybe 1,000 or 2,000 XP from Maggie's kills. Doesn't seem overpowered at all.

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    If other hero's are being used in a mission it would be awesome if their trait worked for just them and not the whole team tho.
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    I don't think it would be too much if all hero traits would add up, not just the one placed in the leader position. It's going to help especially with the tough missions
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    I agree that it would be cool, but we want players to use their own survivors as well. Which Hero you use in a mission should be a fairly impactful choice, and impact the rest of your tram selection as well. I also hope we don't get to the point where players advise each other that some missions are 'impossible' without Hero X - the game is best if there is a mix, and if players feel like they can concoct the strategy that works best for them.

    Maybe a special 'unfair' mode where we let you break that rule once in a while would be cool, but we'd have to make it really hard.
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    I think it provides a good balance, just like @Shteevie said, you would never use any regular survivors then. I am kind of glad it works that way though. If you could combine a bunch of heroes into a team and play through a hard scenario and get through it easily because of that, than there is no balance and the game becomes too easy. It could definitely be pointed out somewhere how it works in game though, as I can see plenty of people being confused about it.
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    Oddly enough I've never been confused on heroes, first position & leadership traits. Now calculating what luck is adding to my Atk/Def traits is an entirely different story.

    And @Shteevie, I really do think you'll always regret jacking Luck that way bc people are going to always be confused by it. In fact, maybe I'll start tagging NG whenever I have a question about how to calculate what it adds to what I'm upgrading. Muwhahaha! >:)
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    @Movado I've thought that from the beginning why it wasn't a 6th trait ng really missed out there, I think the show characters would be so more appealing and more sought after (which of course equals more money) and I would be able to bring myself to call them heroes lol
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    What @OneLessTitan said. I don't think Shteevie understood the part about how one of their traits is nerfed if you take 2 heroes on a mission so I'm just going to quote @Movado said too. You know it might not be communicated clearly but the bigger point is that one trait is useless with multiple heroes and for many normal thinking gamers you would think that you wouldn't handicap heroes when you combine heroes. It kind of Not hero like to lose abilities when you team up with other heroes. If this was the case the Justice League, X -men, and Avengers wouldn't be possible!

    Considering Heroes are so highly promoted and it takes so many tokens to make them somewhat on par with regular survivors, I wish Heroes would come with 5 regular traits, and their Hero trait being the 6th trait, applicable if placed in leader position. Probably too late for that, but it would've given Heroes that extra appeal.
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    It is weird that Daryl only benefits from his silence trait when he is leader. Also weird that his crossbow is noob gear.

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    AM I reading this correct does Rick leader trade only work against savior is because you have to be in cover?
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    It's always made sense to me, but it bothered me on some maps. There are certain challenges where I want certain survivors in very specific slots, so it's annoying to be forced to use my leader slot exclusively for my hero.
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    @JayZ after the first move, why does it matter which slot your three survivors are in?
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    There are/were maps where character placement could be a factor, as well as class. Lost Bunker - your first char wouldn't need dodge to pop Tank, on Handrails character position for the one up top that could have 5 walkers in front of them...

    Don't see stacking leader traits, but they definitely need their other trait, how are they Leg...I mean I just drag Glenn along for rewards..end...same with Maggie, may do some damage but ehhh..ary!!! It's a group buff, so it's ok for regular survivors to have an extra trait/buff but not Heroes?? Think it through.
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    @Necroboogie if I'm running a high level challenge missions on Handrails or Lost Bunker, there is no way I'm using a Hero anyway. I have at least three "regular" survivors in every class superior to any of my Heros. I will occasionally take Abraham or Jesus in the leader spot to get the additional damage buff on mid level challenge missions but let's face it, your not going to beat Handrails or Lost Bunker by killing the walkers (earning extra supplies or XP). Your going to beat those by avoiding the walkers, and the Heros are certainly not going to help you there.
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    @NCDawgFan I didn't say use a Hero for those missions, but wouldn't it make it more challenging and FUN!!! Stop giving NG bad ideas, they have enough already :-P.

    @JayZ had it right, it matters on some maps where survivors with certain traits start out in some strategies, and there were maps that would flip survivors position from team page to mission start - so you needed to be aware of that. Just like in the story mission where a Survivor has to move along top solo while rest of team is unable to assist until they rejoin.
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