What gives with the season 7 missions?



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    Thank you all for the new advice overnight. It is also good to see others having the same frustration as me.
    @poppy, thanks for the video, am about to watch it. Thanks again to all who offered advice...I will be back to let you all know how it goes...fingers crossed
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    Is there a threat level counter? That might account for why some people seem to have more walkers than others. Having said that, I used shooter and hunter, without silence traits, and got through ok.

    I didn't use interrupt traits, but my two had good dodge and stun resistance. They're level 19 legendaries, so I was facing level 22 walkers at the end. I have underpowered gear. Shooter has weapon lvl 18 epic and armor lvl 20 epic. Hunter has weapon lvl 21 epic, armor lvl 20 legendary.

    I found it useful to move over to the right side of the map. You're a bit closer to the RV and I was able to manage the walkers there. When I had to take it a hit, I made sure it wasn't a heavy. It's better to take a couple hits early and get some space between yourself and the rest of the walkers than to try avoiding damage altogether. I would make sure to get multiple targets with the hunter, including a fatty on every shot. I tried to target tanks with the shooter, unless I could clean up a normal walker to charge the extra shot for the next turn.

    Having said all that, I'm sure getting lucky with dodge and stun resistance helped me through.
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    I used Daryl and another Hunter to get through all but 5/5. For 5/5 I used Daryl and a Shooter. Daryl helps increase the strength of long range weapons + the current increase on Shooters for Shooter Week so that's why I used those two. I know the level and traits on a survivor can make a significant difference, but that technique could still possibly be applicable to a few players. Also:

    YOU DONT HAVE TO KILL ALL THE WALKERS! Be aware of when the entrance to the RV finally lights up and have one of your survivors go up and unlock it. Your second survivor is able to go right up after that. Hopefully this helps.

    Also, the Negan tokens are available for completing the missions that include him. If you finish the 5/5 Trials, thats when you get the bonus: Rick tokens.
  • MrgrumpyMrgrumpy Member Posts: 24
    Thanks Pig and atrainofficial, will try some of these...and yes, it's the bonus tokens I want. I should not be such a breeze for some levels but very hard for others..it does not scale
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    I am at the 4th trail with L14 survivors. No matter which way I move I get swarmed by all the walkers. This is pissing me off so much that I want to Rage Quit. I normally don't let a game get to me like that but how do you beat L16 fatty with L14 survivors. Last night ever person I had was in Negan care. I gave up after that.

    I finished the last trial finally after posting and some good old fast F Bombs.
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    Haiyan said:

    What i did was to position my guys in na area where i will not be surrounded. Makes it easier to focus in just one direction without worrying enemies behind you. In the next few turns a heavy will pop out right behind me. Shooting it is useless since it has like 4k health, so I'm faced with the decision to either run away from it and head into the direction of a group of lvl 20 walkers, or try to take the heavy down to avoid the group of walkers but risk getting stunned.

    I took the former option and hoped i would dodge some of the attacks, which i did. Then i ran for the door to bail. Note that if you are 2 or more turns to get to the exit chances are you won't clear this trial.

    FYI - i failed multiple times with this strategy. If you don't have good level of dodge you'll have a hard time.


    btw the trial walkers lvls are adjusted for the challenger(player) My Team when I sweeped to all 5 Trials are all on Lv11 with decent gear. faced lvl 15 walkers by the last trial. sweeped through all trials with a warrior and assault. not even a single bruise if you place your attacks correctly and to your tactical advantage as per Haiyan.
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    I use leg 16 assault with a leg 17 gold radius rifle and a lv15 3* shooter with a crappy gun. I just ran in circles blowing up walkers with my assault and picked off stragglers with my shooter. The radius on my rifle covers half the screen and made it easier to deal with the spawns. I avoided the fatties best I could. Stun resist is a must. The last trial I couldn't kill the fats i just ran to the RV (after being injured and surrounded). The other trials were pretty easy due to the assault rifle.
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    I kept trying to stay to the right...

    What worked for me is hunters going left as fast as possible...

    Staying away from the walkers...

    Most important is to go white up past the front of the RV kill the first three walkers with the two shots

    Go white towards the left side of the screen, killing as many walkers with each shot...
    If you can, kill everything that will advance to mele range

    The hit both heavie walkers with as many charged shots as possible...

    And always remember there are two...

    By the time the pop sounded i was shooting the last row.

    Key detail is to have the weapons at least upgraded at least one level above your survivors
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    Checking in. Did it with level 8! Survivors. Super easy, even the end one everyone here hates.

    On the last mission move your survivors (I used two snipers) top left and work their way back down slowly.

    I literally just found this place on google and made an account to help out. Lol. -shrug-
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    I was using level 19/20 legendary survivors (Hunter and Shooter) and getting pummeled like a pinata in the final mission. I then swapped some armor around to increase stun resistance and dodge for my team. That worked for me. I got a couple of dodges and hit the door running. The key is to avoid getting stunned by the Tanks. Once you get stunned, it is game over.

    Good luck!
  • AngieMathesonAngieMatheson Member Posts: 93
    Well, seems like we're all facing different configurations , at the Last part (4/5).
    For me gotta deal with hoards of lvl 21 walkers and fatties, trying all tactics listed here for now, it is 100% of the time a slaughter for my lvl 19 legendary guys...
    Maybe the trick is to be swift with silence shoot? cos' close combat with 21 lvl fatties would be just a suicide.
    Am gonna find a trick, hopefully, for me.
    But don't know if you could apply ones' tactic to another player...
    Mine are overall mostly lvl 19, and maybe that matters, the player lvl is 53.
    Let's go for a ride again !
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    This is far too hard for high Lvl users
    Lvl 21 walkers, trying loads of combinations, I finish every time struggling on both of my lvl 19 legendary guys = defeat
    Think I'll give up on this for a while, I'm not fan of having Negan in my crew anyway (knows where I shall put his bat in)
    This bother my hospital and my best guys, so... have things to do in others chapter,
    Maybe another Day !
    Lone wanderer
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    You'll get the Negan tokens from the easy missions. The hard ones will get you phones and Rick tokens. So there is no actual need to finish them even if you wanted Negan.
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  • This strategy worked for me https://redd.it/59jpf9
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    Lol. Nvm. Didnt realize this was for last week's.

    Strategy sub-forum must not move as fast as general.
  • JodipayneartJodipayneart Member Posts: 72
    I was having difficulties until I used a shooter (with the 3 grid shot) and a scout. I moved as far away as possible down far right of screen in the narrow bushes. Then I killed the close ones with the scout and just kept shooting the distance walkers with the shooter. As the fatties got closer I retreated and kept shooting and then used my extra charge on the scout for the kill only on the fatties. I hope this helps someone. 1. Stab close ones
    2. shoot distance repeatedly
    3. hide in bushes/
    4. Use extra charge to kill fatties when they get near.
  • poiwpoiw Member Posts: 29
    sorry, i think this mission can acceptable to finished. my current survivor lvl 17 and finish all season 7 mission. keep try and look the trick to finish this mission. dont be hopeless and dissapointed.
  • Jinxed4lifeJinxed4life Member Posts: 35
    I got through the with lvl 9&10, just don't give up, that's the way to beat it, get knocked down seven times stand up eight, eventually you will emerge victorious , put all my guys in hospital many times and that video helped get the feel of how to proceed . Best of luck and never surrender :)

    Guild life ROCKS!!
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