Episode 9 mission 3 - boxes vs crates

Thanks to Kapaoo's vids on YouTube for giving the heads up of the map and what to expect. I managed to complete this with no damage using 2x hunter (lvl10 &11 epic, one with wide shot rifle) and a warrior who only got to kill once (he was used just to clear the zombies in front of a crate that needed pushing to block further zombies).
The warrior was then only used as the pack horse to push the crates (1 grid per turn).
How to farm for xp?... When pushing the second crate towards the fence stop pushing 2 grids away. Position hunters to just clear the 4-5 9-11level zombies (average 1k xp per turn) and shoot. End turn and shoot...end turn and shoot! I did this whilst watching a movie and within 30mins of play decided to cash out with 70k xp.
The reason for keeping the crate 2 grids back from fence is that push it closer and 3 zombies appear each turn from bottom left of frame.
Hope this strategy helps someone. It's only one strategy of many I am sure.
(I wrote this after searching for a strategy for this mish but couldn't find one).
Btw, the pic shows the first crate away from fence, however this is just a glitch (when it froze and crashed the crate appears away but it's not, in virtual reality it is up against the fence.
Peace out bros and sisses

yay Z Nation trailer now out for new season!


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