Level 10- mission 6 (Escape Distractions)

How do you complete this one? I just kill Z's until my characters eventually are killed & never progress. I've repeated it 30+ X's and don't see how to progress! Help, please!


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    What has your current setup been like, in terms of characters and level/damage etc.?
    I completed it with a lv12warrior, lv12hunter and lv10shooter. Their weapons and stuff are rather outdated though.
    the warrior and hunter were at the bottom rows most of the time until the hunter went into a struggle, then placed it among the civilians. That was during the last giant wave of normal zombies. With the warrior I managed to almost every turn do a double attack and because it still had good health I used it to attack the last big walker and be the distraction until the others could finish of the rest.
    Hope this helps you.
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    @avalonjen Have u got it through already?

    There is one walkthrough

    This mission has been talked already, I try to find the thread if needed.
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