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I was wondering, if I get this right, then each equipment can only be upgraded 3 times. So if I maxed out my weapons, then continue to upgrade my survivors to the point of far more superior to the equipment, then what?
For instance, my crossbow is level 7, Daryl LV 7. So when I upgrade Dary to let say 10, and I have another LV 10 rifle, should I dump his crossbow and use the rifle instead?
If so then what's the point of upgrading equipment since survivors will outgrow them eventually?


  • MadPuppyMadPuppy Member Posts: 2,831

    Upgrading unlocks the equipment's special traits, which can give you a very big advantage in your fights, so there's your reason to upgrade.

    New gear will drop from post-mission reward crates, can be got through the TG (trade goods) store, rewards in the cinema. There's a special scavenge type where the chances of gear dropping in the post-mission crates are bigger than elsewhere.

    Over time you'll accumulate a lot of gear. The max you can hold right now is 280 which is much more than you will actually use.

    Gear that you dislike, or that you've grown out of, you can scrap for xp. That xp can be used to upgrade other gear. So the cycle continues.

    As for the crossbow: better hold on to it. While you will outgrow it soon, no one has gotten a new one yet, except through a rare weapons bundle. I scrapped mine. Not that I would ever use it now, but I would have like to just have that crossbow. Now regret scrapping that one.
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    Hey @CreatureoftheNight welcome to the game and the forum.
    What you said is spot on, Equpiment (weapons & armour) can be upgrade 3 times as you rightly state.

    Upgrading not only uplifts the damage or defence value of the equipment it like mad puppy says unlocks important traits which can really help out your character giving them a wide range of ablities. Examples of these being able to dodge attacks , being more resitant to damage, dealing more damage, giving you a high chance to score a critical hit just to name but a few, you can see the 3 traits any piece of equpment has to the right of the equipment screen,

    One big piece of advice i would give is do not buy any of the special weapons in the store for real money at a early level of the game as you out level them really quick and wont get much use out of them. Also any in store purchase of equipment award you items of at the level of your highest survivor of that type. When you start to reach the mid to high teens for your survivors you'll be needing a lot more xp to upgarde so progression slows down alot making your weapons last longer.

    Hope that help you out!
  • Great. Thanks guys. That help me a lot
  • WegWeg Member Posts: 29
    I didn't start upgrading weapons until I was basically maxed at my level....gl
  • DarkZeroDarkZero Member Posts: 339
    One of my rules is unless it's Epic or Legendary (Blue or Orange) and at least at my current max level (I'm going slow and maxing out everything at every Council level) I don't even bother to upgrade it at all.
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    I am just now getting level 14 heros, and I'd probably be farther if I didn't spend my XP on a lot of weapon trait leveling.

    On the other hand, going after traits that increase the spread of hunter's rifles and assault's guns has been really nice and made some missions a lot easier. The concussion trait on brawler weapons is really nice against human enemies because you get some more breathing room. I've been keeping my weapons at a slightly lower level because of those traits. More enemies hit in one turn is, in my book, a higher damage weapon than one that can't spread out (even if the latter does have a higher attack value).
  • zboneszbones Member Posts: 161
    A few things that I have done and found and I am sure others have tips that I have not stated. This is only my view so take what you wish.

    Keep any survivors that have retaliate, this is very nice trait.
    Only upgrade survivors that are legendary or epic.
    Keep all your gear and lower level survivors and then when they have a weekend event that gives you fast upgrades buy the double XP and sell them for twice the value and then upgrade your good gear or survivors. Keep an eye on your max storage as it is very easy to hit that level when selling.
    Stock up on gold and spend it to finish off an upgrade to help the process of having access to much XP when collecting double XP.
    Don’t spend gold on the crates after a mission; I have not seen a good return in doing this.
    Only buy legendary
    Stock pile your phone calls and wait for a better time to use them like when they give you a higher chance of getting what you’re looking for. Make sure your tent is at the highest level you can get when making calls. I only call out for 3 stars or for heroes if you’re looking to get one upgraded.
    I use only the assault team when scavenging, once you get the crates stick around as long as you can to collect XP from the kills. Once you get over 100 kills the XP drops to 1 point so keep looking as you grind.
    I only keep two higher level survivors of each class except for the assault team. For me it looks to be a good number and you don’t waste XP points on to many survivors.
    Same with gear, I only upgrade one or two legendary or epic gear as I find going on raids or missions having a mix in your party helps. In other words you can one take one or two survivors of the same class so no need to keep that many around sucking up your XP.
    Start collecting TG and going on raids as soon as you can.
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