Okay okay but what about NOW


  • warwar Member Posts: 454
    edited November 2016
    I want Maggie but that shooter though

  • rgerkmanrgerkman Member Posts: 2,465
    Maggie. Without a doubt
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  • warwar Member Posts: 454
    I'm doubting.
  • GreySeerGreySeer Member Posts: 308

    I already have 3 great shooters, so I'd go for Maggie in this case.

    But if your shooters are more meh I would choose Greg.
  • DarkZeroDarkZero Member Posts: 339
    The Shooter has two of the most worthless traits, that's a 40% useless Shooter :D
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  • numennumen Member Posts: 32
    I'd take the shooter. You get Maggie at two stars, so the 5 star shooter has a lot of work done for you already. With luck and that dodging, that shooter should be really nice.
  • VudnikVudnik Member Posts: 307
    Cash the shooter in for 256 tokens.
  • Conan1976Conan1976 Member Posts: 758
    maggie tokens way more rare. Take m
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  • bladgierbladgier Member Posts: 2,134
    Shooter without marksman isn't good. I would go for his tokens which would be 256 over 128 Maggies. But If you havent unlocked her yet or shes just common go for Maggie.
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  • warwar Member Posts: 454
    I took the Maggie tokens. I had enough shooters but it was nice pulling a legendary. :D
  • OneLessTitanOneLessTitan Member Posts: 1,273
    edited November 2016
    If you use Overwatch/Interrupt on a Shooter, take that Shooter. Vigilant and Defensive Stance may not be ideal, but you want them both if you are going to use a Survivor mainly as an Interruptor.

    (Edited to add: Dodge/Luck/Bullet Dodge are the 3 Traits I want most on my Ranged Survivors)
  • warwar Member Posts: 454
  • warwar Member Posts: 454
    Is she supposed to show up like Glen's after-mission tabs with the tomato cans?
  • _NoName_NoName Member Posts: 188
    @war ... could you be more specific, I'd like to help but have no clue what you're asking about ... if you chose Maggie from the three above, she should appear unlocked in the hero tab among your survivors
  • emodwarfemodwarf Member Posts: 17
    @war - no, her bonus is just applied directly to the XP at the time of each kill. You can verify by killing a standard walker at X level without her in the leader position, then in another mission killing that same level standard walker when maggie is in the leader position. You should get the appropriate % of XP added to the kill.
  • warwar Member Posts: 454
    edited November 2016
    @emodwarf All right, man. Thank you!
  • VakaliVakali Member Posts: 239
    I prefer Maggie, only because anytime I do xp farming missions I use her. Her bonus really adds up, especially the higher level you get red harvest up. 128 is hard to turn down.
  • emodwarfemodwarf Member Posts: 17
    @war Happy to help.

    I was confused too, since Glenn's leader trait sets the expectation that bonuses will be shown as a separate thing (both during the mission and in the summary screen). My guess is since Maggie's bonus is about adding extra of the same thing (vs Glenn's bonus of supplies based on XP from kills), they chose to simplify things even though it adds confusion in its way.
  • MarsOneMarsOne Member Posts: 65
    My pull. Winning!
  • DerDer Member Posts: 54
    I have some legendary, even *pink star hunters in my team. Nevertheless, I always go with my epic Maggie, she is phantastic!
  • OvidmikelOvidmikel Member Posts: 965
    I would definitely take the Maggie's . I haveher as an epic and Ber 40% more xp is a wonderful thing
  • CaptainslayerCaptainslayer Member Posts: 1,430
    I would take the shooter tokens my shooters are better than him
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