Season 7, Episode 3: Official Discussion Thread (SPOILERS INSIDE)

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Episode aired: 06 November 2016
Run-time: 42min
Director: Alrick Riley

Thoughts, comments, speculation?

(This thread will open Tuesday morning (UTC)).


  • KelvSGKelvSG Member Posts: 277
    We're on Easy Street ~
    And it feel so sweet ~
    Cause the world is but a treat ~
    When you're on Easy Street ~
    And we're breaking out the good champagne ~
    I'm sitting pretty on a gravy train ~
    And when we sing, every sweet refrain repeat ~
    Right here on Easy Street ~
    Let have a moment in the sun ~
    The magic only just begun ~
    It time to have a little fun ~
    We want everybody to come and see why you should be on Easy Street ~
    Yeah, we got a front-row seat ~
    Oh to a life that cant be beat, right here on Easy Street ~

    Anyway ! i assume this week is Daryl/Hunter week ? With the storyline involving Dwright and Daryl ? :D
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  • PoohzPoohz Member Posts: 7
    Negan has a sick narcissist way of controlling others. Gordon was absolutely correct, Negan is powerless without the his Neganettes he has brainwashed into thinking there is no other way of life available for them.
    I believe Dwight AKA "D" was bitten while wrestling on the ground with the broken walkers, because after that scene he's holding his left side & clearly injured.
    Now we know more about the past episode in burnt out woods, & I can't wait until Daryl gets his revenge, bike, bow, & sanity back after all he's gone thru. Ultimately, Daryl will probably achieve his revenge with the help of Sherri & Dwight, both of them owe him BIG time, plus Negan has royally screwed their lives up as well.
  • MadPuppyMadPuppy Member Posts: 2,831
    Still, however sick he is, Negan runs a community that takes care of a lot of people in a fked up world. Haven't seen many of those in the entire series. Gotta count for something.
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  • gespuergespuer Member Posts: 1,565
    what a catchy tune it is... can't get it out of my head since the episode. ;)
  • masmith93masmith93 Member Posts: 3,522
    @MadPuppy I know you love him, but sorry, it doesn't. Rick runs a community and so did Deanna without the use of fear, torturing people and taking someone as their "wife" by force.

    Overall a really tough episode. I wanted Daryl to kneel and I also really wanted him to rebel. It's such a difficult situation - he knows Rick will find a way to get him out, but he feels so guilty about Glenn, he thinks he deserves what Negan/Dwight are doing to him.
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  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Member Posts: 2,104
    I'm on easy street
    And it feels so sweet
    Cause the world is but a treat
    When I'm on easy street

    I LOVE this song. It makes me want to do the Carlton Dance. But at the same time, I can see why Daryl grew to hate it. Dwight's Pavlovian conditioning must have driven him out of his mind, yet he still had enough presence to stand up to Negan, likely because he felt he owed it to Glenn.

    As a reader of the TWD comics, I was glad to see them introduce Sherry's and Dwight's backstory, keeping it relatively consistent, except to make it a little more heartbreaking for the two of them. I can see them laying the groundwork for a change of heart from Dwight, and it's interesting that they're using Daryl to elicit it.
  • MadPuppyMadPuppy Member Posts: 2,831
    I loved the saviours story arc in the comic, and so far it's turning out gut wrenching on tv. Though I feel kind of bummed out that Negan cannot be just as crass on tv.

    And sure @masmith93 Negan is totally un ethical, there's no debate about that.
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    Merged with threads re: episode 3. Apologies for the delay guys!
  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,576
    Also: "We're on Easy Street..:"
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