Survivor that were supposed to protect is made of glass!



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    Make it fair which is mean two health bar. Freemans has nice boost and two shoots kill easily our friend. We can't remove all Freemans in 1 turn.
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    clausLene said:

    Tips: stand cool, swip right, take out left. This is from my 55 years old wife, who has passed it tree times with perfect
    btw REALY nice forum!

    Edit: 7 runs All perfect, with the above tactic. Now its me running the runs.
    3 device, level 10, 11, 15 All perfect.
    Dont you belive us, or just luck
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    kryptonix said:

    The one thing we need to remember is that this is a game, meant to be a challenge, and as such not all things need to be equal. Little Mac didn't hit as hard as Mike Tyson, Dark Link did way more damage then Link etc. etc.

    Once we understand the rules of the game, it's fair for all, just figure out the best strategy to survive.

    If that was the case NG and shtevie in particular wouldn't be nerfing traits at all,. To achieve a balanced game,. A fair balance is what's being asked for,. We are dying on this round because the crate opener is just plain to weak,. It's not a player or play style issue its a inbuilt game fault, it's no challenge to repeatably keep losing because zombies and freeman are all attracted to the weakest link on the map that the player has no say in his defence at all, in my opinion of course
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    @clausLene I have ran through this level 9 times and I agree with your strategy. 2 of the runs the setup made it impossible though. The saviors were spread so far that I was only able to kill 1 in my turn and the paper doll I was trying to protect was killed in the next turn. I run through with level 19 legendaries and this was around RSL 3. @Shteevie if your goal is a level playing field for the sake of competition, then what is the point of upgrading survivors and gear? Sorry, that comment makes no sense to me. If you want a level playing field don't give players the opportunity to PAY to advance in the game. Just give all players the same survivors and gear.(Oh, wait...$$$) I love and welcome a challenge but something being impossible in some instances does not make it a challenge.
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    Maybe I'm weird but I like the challenge of protecting that little waif citizen. There isn't another level like it. Rick & gang had to protect Alexandria. We get a tiny doll.
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    I am really not understanding the issue here. My survivors move twice: once to surround the guy, once to the exit. I surround him: hunter on the left, warrior on the top, assault on the right. I ignore the walkers and only shoot at any freemen who shoot first. During some of the turns nothing happens; I just end the turn. My survivors do not move until the crate is open, then they go to the exit.

    Why are other people having problems? Am I doing something radical that I'm not aware of? Is the mission that different on different levels of the game?
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    Heh @Dale you're not alone, just so happens that people with issues come so seek help, while the rest mostly don't bother.
    I for one am with you, haven't lost a star on that mission at all.
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    @Dale @MadPuppy
    If you guys don't see the problem it doesn't mean that the problem doesn't exist ;)))
    I don't see hunger problem in Africa.. Is it mean that it doesn't exist?
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  • MadPuppyMadPuppy Member Posts: 2,831
    We see that some players have a problem with that map @Amiga, we just shared that we do not experience it ourselves.
    Apparently it is quite possible to play that map without getting kicked in the teeth by the freemen.
    It definitely got harder, but I'm loving that!
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    The hardest was first few levels of this map.
    Our glass friend had 200 hp and our enemies required 2 shots to die.
    Anyway on higher levels is much easier;)
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    I messed up a few times but the strategy I found to work was to send your own survivors out to engage the raiders first, so you throw yourself in the firing line protect the survivor.
  • NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,071
    I would say this attached screen shot confirms what @Shteevie said about the chest opener also getting a significant buff this time around. He is even one level higher than the walkers and the freemen.
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    That's cool,. When did you notice the buff,.. Is it at the higher levels?

    If this is the case that's the fighting chance I wanted so then it's game on :smiley:
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