Watchtower - NPC civilian missions

There is this extremely interesting new feature about to be tested by the public, the outposts. This gives us a chance to fight against each other. I was wondering though, if we could also get a chance for more missions involving (NPC) civilians. I was thinking of adding a new building offering these missions, maybe an upgradeable watchtower (that big one in the bottom right corner or one of the big buildings in the wall). They would spot civilians outside the gates, perhaps a certain amount of missions per day.

Now, for these missions you get a choice, either protect the civilians or shoot them yourself. For a bit of fair play, results of these missions depend upon your choice. dead civilians (and looted during the mission like chests/boxes normally) will result in rewards they might have upon their person, equipment at a high chance. Should you protect them, those civilians may actually wound you in a small percentage chance or they could give you something in gratitude. Perhaps even ask to stay as a survivor in your camp.
Just throwing out some ideas at the moment, but what do you guys think?
The dead are hungry too!


  • AstraeaAstraea Member Posts: 41
    Yup exactly what I was thinking. I was actually considering putting in something about karma points, but reputation is perhaps a better word. And I absolutely agree the friendliest option ain't always the best (just look at the series). Perhaps the people you turned away or retired could come back to haunt you in some way during these missions. Perhaps an option to give civilians a little bit of supplies could also be available.
    The dead are hungry too!
  • DERRICKDERRICK Member Posts: 329
    I really like it guys.. This would give the game a bit more depth.
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