Guilds: what is the point?

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Can someone explain the actual point of being in a guild? Seems all you get from being in a guild is radios for accumulated stars. And you get your survivors severely damaged as you progress. And the gas needed for the challenges goes up as you progress, but the # of stars that you get for each mission, as they get more difficult, stays the same? When I play the solo scavenger hunts, I get just as many radios, if not more, and I do not take any injuries. So, what exactly is the advantage to being in a guild?


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    If you want a serious answer...

    Yes, getting guild rewards for challenges is the most 'obvious' benefit. When you're in a good guild and everyone is producing 380+ stars, the rewards can add up. People who are much better at math than me have posted a comparison between challenge rewards and outpost rewards suggesting that challenges might not be the most efficient way to get rewards but there are other aspects of guilds that are beneficial as well.

    Many guilds use a chat program to organize and be social (Slack, GroupMe, Line, etc). A lot of players like the social aspect of being in a guild. A lot of guilds have friendly helpful players that will help you improve your game, teach you how to maximize your stars, help you decide what buildings to focus on in your camp, give you advice on what survivors and gear to upgrade and what to pass on, etc. This social aspect of the game is a huge draw for many players... it's like many games, you start playing for the game itself and you stay for the players you get to know and play with.

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    @Bill_ZRT shoulda stuck with your first warnin... erm answer ;) Totally correct at the moment, except you can't send pics through in game chat. Hopefully NG gets on the ball and gives players a reason to join guilds (...again?) since at the moment you can get as much/more from using chat apps and other social media without the pressure(?,!!) of needing to produce challenge stars which are more time consuming and less valuable than farming TG from outposts...

    NG is guild busting ;)
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    Very good points @Bill_ZRT
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    "Third, you get to have sexy chats with people all over the world, some of which might actually be women."

    Can confirm. The 'some of them are women', not the 'sexy chat' part...

    But on point; I enjoy my guild for the social aspect. In terms of time and gas I can round up more TG by raiding outposts, but me and my guildmates enjoy a bit of friendly competativity and giving each other tips and tricks to get through the storymissions.
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    guilds are mainly for making friends and turn into one big family. without my guildmates, i woulda quit this game a long time ago. i love my guildmates very much and also other respectable guilds. so join a guild and make friends, you might learn something, while at it, you'll get radios too!
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    Social dimension to the game. A fun guild tends to be very loyal. It really adds to my game.
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    @Bill_ZRT lol, I want to be in your guild lol
    Elder of dragons weyr a top USA guild
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    Guilds are great. You can build each other up and help with advice. Great moral booster. I am gaining friendships from all over the world in my Guild.
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