how do you get more phones?

How do you get phones without buying them? Also, join my guild "Barefarm"!! Officer positions open!


  • Top8dogTop8dog Member Posts: 738
    Phones are hard to come by mate,... Lucky hits in gold boxes will net you 4
    The tg shop sells them 1-600tg,.. 3- 1800tg and 5- 3000 tg,..
    Best way iv found is to buy a gas booster and just spend all day savaging can net you around 15 a day,.. Also guild rewards,.. The higher star count the better,.
  • chronicmanchronicman Member Posts: 49
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    Question and recruiting are separate posts...but opening end of mission crates, wall walkers, Trade Good market, Guild Rewards, and last but not least story trial missions 3-5 offer 30 on completion
  • DIblisDIblis Member Posts: 729
    You get phones from several non purchase ways.
    1. Mission rewards crates or crates in general.
    2. Guild challenge rewards.
    3. Wall walkers.
    4. Trading tradegoods through store when they are in there.
    5. Season 7 episode trial missions.

    I cant think off hand of anymore ways but I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.
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  • chronicmanchronicman Member Posts: 49
    @OneLessTitan bro, you're reading my so ready to let my eyes bleed again farming phones
  • GreySeerGreySeer Member Posts: 308
    Without spending money:

    Higher drops:
    - Guild rewards on the star challenges
    - Star challenge itself has more phonedrops than Scavenger missions (but maybe that’s rng)
    - Completing the Season 7 missions

    Mediocre drops:
    - Clicking the Wall walkers at your campgrounds
    - Crates after Scavenger/Storymissions

    That said phones are really hard to come by. If I'm lucky and don't buy a gas booster I grind up about 30, maybe 40, a week.
  • KaiserKaiser Member Posts: 60
    I get 15 a day by buying from tg shop, its not hard to get phones if u just raid for tg and dont fight the defenders
  • HaiyanHaiyan Member Posts: 156
    My experience taught me that if i want radio phones, i try to avoid the silver or gold crates in Mission rewards. Although of course it's just pure luck to avoid them, but i really prefer regular crates as they yield more phones
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