Happy Birthday DTP!

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DTP turns 1! Happy birthday to DTP and congratulations to all its members past and present on a very successful first year! We wouldn't be where we are today without the hard work of every single member in this guild and all it's sister guilds. This is the greatest bunch of people I've never "met". These people are more than team mates. They are my friends, they are my family. We turn to eachother with real life problems and lean on eachother when the going gets tough. And along the way, we've killed a lot of walkers together! Here's a little bit of our history for those who don't know.

This great guild was founded on November 15, 2015 by @xXSyckoXx We were in a newer guild together shortly after the game was released and it began to fall apart after just a couple weeks. So he left and formed DTP and asked me to join him along with the legendary Nightmare, and a few others. So we did. He made us elders and I had no clue what that meant as I've never played a game like this before. I didn't know what I was doing, so I didn't do much... as I'm sure he will tell you. Lol. Nightmare had this crazy idea to make a second guild to help out our main guild. We all argued and debated and finally gave in. He saw things we couldn't see. So DTP v2 was born. And now we have 6 guilds. After several months, @xXSyckoXx decided to take a break to concentrate on real life and for some reason left me in charge, lol. We've had our ups and downs just like any other guild. I know I've disappointed him at times, but hopefully I've made him proud too. We were the first guild to reach 100k stars, then 200k, 300k and 400k. Hopefully soon we will reach half a million stars! We've worked very hard and recruited some truly fantastic legendary players. We are unique in that we teach everyone that joins us everything we know about this great game. And for those that have always wondered what DTP stands for .... it's
Disturbing The Peace! Not all those dirty things you've all thought! I've heard some good ones!!

Here are just a few of the people that have worked so hard and dedicated a lot of time to this guild! @javajnkie @JVC_TWD @Terminates @xXSyckoXx @Decus @Amazayn @Sekushi @DrBOB @kubiklc @SkullSkills @MoD @DonCoqui @NCDawgFan @Top8dog @Lambari @Smokin_Joe_Blow @spartan912 @vicky3434 and too many more to list!

Thank you to the developers for making this great game!


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    It's been a year since I started playing TWD NML. I did not start w/ DTP. I started w/ a very small guild out of England and we all later moved to the now defunct Global Angels. GA imploded last May and I took a four week break from the game. A couple of my GA mates somehow landed at DTP and suggested I might like the vibe and open culture DTP had to offer.

    What can I say... the GA implosion memories are in the past. I felt welcome in my new guild... even after having to crawl my way up from DTP v4 to v2 to main to another few week's of game hiatus... the excitement is the same. The power of DTP lies in it's membership. Spies will come and go, but Leadership is strong and the player community even stronger.

    Thank u @walker_say_what ... @JVC_TWD , @Decus , @Skip , @SkullSkills , @Amazayn & @Sekushi -san, @Terminates ... @Duster ... too many nice people to name them all... thanks to my old crew at GA too for ur friendship early on.

    Happy Birthday DTP!
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    Happy Birthday DTP!!!

    You got dem gunz!!!

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    Bendito mijo...
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    Let's all hold a party and have next games take the tab
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    @bumshoe Salud!
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    To all fellow DTP members from past and present,... And future
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    I knew I'd find a spot for this eventually :D
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    Congratulations. Now if you can just show some of us how you got to level 30 freeman!
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    @skipwood71 and you, of course!! :) and @Cateye , who taught me tons a year or so ago!
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    Sorry Skipper! I wasn't sure what your name was here. I typed Skip and so many came up! I thought it was Skipwood but wasn't 100% sure! Sorry dear !
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    MadPuppy said:


    Gee thanks,.. Now I look like a psycho cake dropping stalker :wink:

    And you could have said happy birthday,.. It like turning up with a cheap bottle of wine without an invite lmao j/k
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    Congrats to @walker_say_what @JVC_TWD and everyone else at DTP
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    All I can say on this day is much love to all members past and present, I never knew what would come of this guild one year ago today. I had always strived for it to be a top hardcore guild. I can remember when the global leaderboards were first introduced and we were sitting in 5th place I couldn't believe my eyes I thought it had to be yet another one of next games many bugs but to my surprise it was correct and it didn't stop their over time we just kept rising and now find ourselves sitting proudly at the top of the leaderboards.

    Happy birthday DTP it was truly a hard decision to quit nml/DTP back when I did but I needed a break to focus on things that really mattered but I have returned as a lowly peasant keeping a low profile and just playing my game.

    I am truly proud of were DTP has come and would like to thank everyone who has participated in our success. I won't single anyone out through fear of leaving anyone out but you know who you are!
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