Why is the timer running?

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Playing Raids, there's a game timer. While having connectivity issues, it says "reconnecting" on the screen. During this time, you cannot move until the connection is properly reestablished, but the clock is still running. Also, during the same connection issues, I exit out of the game for a few minutes. I come back to continue the Raid only to find out that the timer was running the whole time when I wasn't even in the app.

This can't be. If you're not there, stop the clock.


  • MadPuppyMadPuppy Moderator Posts: 2,829
    The player under attack cannot log on while you are raiding them. So raid time needs to be limited or we all would have a bit of a problem every time someone disconnected our of raiding our base.

    Also, there used to be a time where disconnect would cause you to loose by default. At least now you CAN gat back in after a disconnect. True enough, you will often loose some extra minutes and all, but it's a step in the right direction from where it was.
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    I wasn't aware that the other player couldn't log on during that time. Why is that? That raid doesn't have anything to do with the other player getting in the game and playing certain modes.
  • MadPuppyMadPuppy Moderator Posts: 2,829
    Beyond me.

    Maybe because your attack might cause them to loose influence and thus affect their matchmaking outcome, which would then be out of sinc with the state they just loaded.
    Maybe because their game state would be out of since with the servers once you complete the attack, a log would need to be sent to the defenders' game, and that might cause reloads or something like that.

    But I'm guessing here, so let's ask @Teeceezy, @zbot or @Shteevie if they could shed some extra light on it.
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    Yeah, Madpuppy has the basics down. Also that the player could change their outpost configuration, defenders, or similar, but then see a new loss pop up as they were editing. Or because they could themselves be in outpost, and the state of the shield gets confusing and unintuitive.

    Basically, it's just messy. Best to avoid it.

    As for your first question, the timer runs to keep players from trying to find ways to use disconnecting intentionally as a way to exploit the game and escape a losing situation.
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  • Tommy78Tommy78 Member Posts: 50
    Thanks for the explanation. Yeah, there are always unintended consequences in situations like this. Often times legitimate concerns about an issue has to be ignored to make sure abusers don't abuse.
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