Real guild based content - Here is an idea

While I do like the weekly missions and the stars you can earn for yourself AND your guild, it doesn't feel very interactive. So what can be done to create a real "guild feeling"?

Here is my idea:

The moment you create a guild, you automatically get a second base. This base is accessable by ALL guild members. So what is the purpose of this guild base? There could be multiple purposes I can think of (all open for discussion ofc):

1. Produce even more ressources, which get equally distributed among guild members, depending on the amount of ressources you have spent to help to build the base
2. Produce stars for the weekly guild challanges
3. Giving you access to guild missions with higher chance for better rewards. Maybe even coop missions for 2-3 players (2 or 3 player play one character each and share the rewards)
4. Being able to use a special radio tower once a week with much higher chance for a better survivor

And how does it work? Only the guild leader can decide which building will be built. He creates construction sites and those require LOTS more ressources then the normal single player buildings. Once the construction site has been placed, ALL guild members can invest into the placed construction sites. To give you an example:

Example: The guild leader places an advanced farm, which produces (once finished) quite alot of ressources. The downside is, that it requires 100.000 ressources to build it 300.000 ressources to upgrade it to level 2. And it gets more and more expensive the higher the level is. But ofc the guild leader doesnt have to finish it by himself. All members from the guild can visit the guild base and invest ressources in the building. A statistic window shows, which members invested how much into the construction of the advanced farm, making it easy for the guild leader to observe which member is interested in bringing the guild forward and which not.

How do the ressources from the advanced farm get distributed among the members? There are multiple ways to decide that:

First option: If you (as a guild member) have spent 10% of the total amount of ressources needed to finish the farm, you get 10% of the income. So when the guild leader collects the ressources (for example: 100.000 ressources after a day), your account will receive 10.000 ressources from that amount, making it worth helping as much as possible to finish the buildings.
Second option: How much ressources you get from a guild building depends on your level. If all members are lvl 10 and the guild has 20 members, every member would get 5% of the ressources. If some player are lower level, they receive less ressources, but the higher level players reseice more on the other side.
Third option: The guild leader decides how much everyone gets. I wouldn't recommend that though.

One important thing is: The buildings in the guild base must be bigger and must look more modern. The player must have the feeling that THIS is the main base, while the single player bases are only smaller outposts.

To make it even better: This guild base can be raided by other guilds. That means once you have created a guild base, this base can be attacked by other guilds. In order to prevent heavy damage, the guild leader must also set defences (traps, NPC guards, automatic turrets). The placement of traps, guards and turrets must be carefully done, since it decides the layout of the battlefield when other guilds attack you and making it more or less hard for them to steal your ressources (including stars for the weekly guild missions).

I think with this, guild gameplay would improve alot. :)


  • niconico Member Posts: 17
    U are asking for another game
    They dont even raise the council!
  • AaronDAaronD Member Posts: 13
    Im not asking for another game. The coop missions could be similiar to the current missions, just with the addition that every character on the field is played by someone else fromt he guild.

    The base building concept could be the same as the current base building concept, just with new buildings (bigger). The only difference would be the addition of construction sites where all guild members can invest ressources.

    Also don't forget that it's very likely that they will implement PvP anyway, so this would be a great addition (guild vs guild).
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