Improved Equipment Tab: Multi-Scrap and Equipment Swap

Hi- I have an idea for improved functionality/usefulness of the Equipment tab. What I think can be improved is the scrap feature, as well as equipment swapping.

The current scrap feature only allows for individual scrapping, which is tedious and time consuming. I propose a multi-select option for equipment so that they can be scrapped all at once. This can be done by having a user double click the equipment they want scrapped, which highlights them and allows them to be scraped together. See my picture. A summary screen should still be used to confirm that they want to scrap and show how much XP they will get from the multi-scrap.

The Equipment tab can also be used more efficiently by allowing equipment swapping. I often only use one piece of equipment for missions. So when I have to switch survivors due to hospitalization, I have to do a tedious 3-way switch. I take the "top equipment" off my hospitalized survivor and put a "third equipment" on them, then I take the "second equipment" off my replacement survivor and put the "top equipment" on them, then I go back to my hospitalized survivor and put the "second equipment" on them.

My proposal: By using a prolonged click (i.e. for 2 seconds), a dashed border will appear around the equipment you want to swap (see picture). Then you simply click the equipment you want to switch it with, and it will change spots. This allows quick switching from survivor-to-survivor as well as survivor-to-stock equipment.

In summary:
1) Single Click: No change- still brings up equipment summary where user can scrap and upgrade individually
2) Double Click: New- allows multi-select scrapping
3) Prolonged Click: New- allows equipment swapping between survivors, or survivors and stock

Interested in your thoughts and feedback.


  • zbotzbot Legendary Moderator Posts: 6,651
    Um, click the trashcan icon to activate the multi scrap option.
  • crfangmanncrfangmann Member Posts: 11
    Thanks @zbot ! I had no idea this feature existed- pretty new to the game, and I guess I haven't tried out all of the different buttons. Any thought on equipment swapping in the equipment tab?
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