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To Next Games, for this awesome game.

I, as an old school gamer remember games such as Final Fantasy VII, UFO: Enemy unknown, even Settlers!
All games which made you progress strategically very carefully, each in their own clever ways.

This game, TWD:NML, made its own 'twitch' and included it all in a single, mobile game.

The developers listen to our feedback, they adjust to it, and we complain about it.

Id like to thank Next Games, first and foremost, for making this game. For putting up with our crap, and trying to sort it out.

This is a true free2play experience (if you dont agree, did you at all try any other f2p games?!) Theres no rush, and no real competition to push you forward. Just relax, play when you have time, and if you plan it a little payment will give you all the gameplay you can handle.

So, what do you appreciate about this game, and the ones who work full time giving it to us?

Positive comments only! After the 'the beating' they recieve daily, they deserve to know how awesome they are :)

Thums up NG, Im looking forward to see what youll come up with next!
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