Why I'm quitting Guild Challenges...



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    TL;DR Button @blynknz ?
    There Are No Such Things As Stupid Questions.!!
    There Are However.. Plenty of Stupid Answers!!

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    we need to remember that this is a game and we all just need to enjoy it whatever way we like :) #peaceout
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    Shteevie said:

    Player voices are data.

    Shteevie said:

    So, thanks to everyone here who read this far, or who posted an idea or suggestion anywhere on the forums. We are reading. We are putting ourselves in your shoes. We will do our best by you. And we are listening

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    Shteevie said:


    Just clicking awesome wasn't enough. Sounds like you're not picking up my idea for challenges though. That's totally unfair! (< attempted joke)
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    Impressive numbers @OneLessTitan if i wasn't so competitive I'd probably be joining you in outpost raid only. I might have to take a week of challenges one time to build my tg. I am done with scavenge missions though challenge and outpost for me now.
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    JayZ said:

    @Shteevie Thank you for your hard work and communication. The dialogue between players and developers, post-combat balancing buffs, potential changes to overwatch, and laundry list of items in your long post have me excited for the future of this game.

    I'm with you on that one @JayZ
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    Since this has gone discussion on fixes a bit @Shteevie figured I would throw this one out. Based on the data NG has, NG has a good sense of when people lose stars. Barring some brain lapses from "oh this map again, let me blow through this," the chances of a group of a survivors of Level 20 (for example) armed with 20-23 level legendary equipment (all of which is probably a place many long term players are at this point) missing a star against challenge maps with a minimum survivor level recommended of 10 is pretty low. In fact I mess around with the low level Zs when bored to see how often they can hit me :)

    Of course the rebuild time of 30 minutes per map before playing again is there together with use of assets (gas) and that can be ignored. So perhaps a "pass" button. The map is done, three stars awarded, look at movie if you want and 30 minute reset. The only downside is the theoretical potential loss of star which is bypassed and the "stickiness" of the game which NG may look at going down. But most long term players are blowing through these missions and not even worth farming. At some point NG can put percentages up where 3 stars less than 100%, but as a first step on the grind the pass or play is either 100% or not. Right now were are in Day 3 of this Challenge. I am guessing many long term players are not even close to losing the stars. For me I am not even playing it as much because of the nerfs of 2.2 because the challenge end game was moved in (though I do need to try with the new rebalance.) Have not had many quest stars due to the non-star quests, at 210 stars and not even close to losing Stars. (Around level 13 recommended.) If the grind to get to even this point could be lessened, it would be a nice reduction.
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    Super great ideas in this thread. I'm glad I took the time to read it. (Bump!) ;)
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    I noticed this more or less on my own, especially further into the challenge, the Tg reward is very low for the amount of gas used. So I get to a certain point to help out my guild then I switch over to outpost. I guess it is meant to be an incentive to do outpost as otherwise I would never venture in there. At least with the challenge there is also the phones, usually. I'll say I do appreciate the variety... story missions, weekly episode missions, challenge and outposts... lots to do.
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    Wall of text#

    I read just a few lines and will keep it at that. Its about spending money.

    Bundles are awesome, as long as they include gold.

    My main reason to play the game is to actually PLAY the game. I love this game.
    Then there is my guild, I feel I need to deliver (even though they didnt put any preassure here) I need to pull my weight.

    Its expensive, but if you plan how you think you will play this is a cheap game compared to other "f2p" games.

    My opinion here is NG truly love this project and want this game to grow. My opinion is we should help them, as I noticed they really are being creative in the positive way.

    Here you play at your own pace, but pay to 'speed up'

    So go on, knock yourself out.

    If I could redo my complaints to Apple for refunds, I would. But then Id be struck back half my everything, and...

    We learn as we grow. Whenever I open my wallet it is because you deserve it.

    My promise to NG I wont reclaim what I spend on this game.

    My claim is that you dont make me regret it
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