Pls help: chapter 10, mission 4

I've played this mission probably 20 times in the last two weeks and cannot get past it. I was initially using level 11, 4 and 3 star survivors and finally gave up, upgraded and started trying with level 12 which is what is reccomended. I admit, the first 7-8 plays I kept forgetting to actually move the cars and would have to backtrack which of course lead to extra injury but now that I actually remember I still cannot pass. I typically can make it pass the second car. I try to pick off all the walkers before the "incoming" and then attempt to go down and around the corner but I always get swarmed or someone is struggling and then I'm out. I never even have been able to make it to move that last car.
I usually use a hunter(3star), a shooter(3star) and a scout(4star) but I've switched them around to assaults(crappy low damage) or warriors at various times and still no luck.
Any help appreciated as I've given to playing everything else on the game except the mission for abt a 4days now.
Thank you.


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