What else to do with the game?

So, I've beaten most chapter missions, with the exception of 14 nightmare. My level 20 survivors aren't strong enough to take on level 24+ zombies and freemen. I don't want to spend any more money on the game, although I haven't spent much. I'll buy gold to use for hospital stays and sometimes on gas refills. And that's pretty much the only way I could possibly advance through 14 nightmare at this point, lots of gold spent on hospital stays and gas refills so I could keep attempting over and over til I beat one level at a time. But, it's not really fun anymore. As soon as I beat one level it's days and days and gold upon gold spent on recovery times.

I'm bored with the outposts. I stay in about the 4000 TG range and, again, unless I spend gold on recovery times, I really can't progress much with raiding. I can pretty much just keep myself at the level I'm at.

The challenges are tiring.

It now costs me 500 tokens or whatever they're called to upgrade my survivors to the next star level. It takes forever to collect that many through radio calls. I have to build up like a million or so XP to train a survivor, and I've already trained my good ones to level 20, which is the max level. I guess I could train the lesser survivors... but for what? It takes so incredibly long to upgrade one survivor on just one star level, honestly it will be weeks before any of mine collect 500 tokens to bump up just one level.

I do like the weekly challenges to earn the Negan tokens, but once I beat that, there's nothing else really.

I could continue maxing buildings in my camp. But, for what?

I did really like this game and would like to continue playing, but I'm wondering if there is anything else really for me to do with it without spending lots of money to upgrade survivors. And then, why am I even bothering to upgrade. For what? To beat a level or 2 in chapter 14 nightmare? So is this pretty much it for me?


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    You have finished the game. If you like, you can max out the buildings and your supplies in case they create another level but, as things stand now, you are finished.
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    If they don't do a Supply for TG trade in the Trade Shop, I'll probably only switch to doing only raiding for the TGs and XP and buying phones to focus only on getting tokens. At least there's no end game for amassing tokens. It's just depressing to think it would take 10000+ tokens to upgrade one survivor. So, I don't think about it. :lol:
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    haley, I completely agree with you. I've completed all chapter missions (yes Ch 14 NM took forever, tons of $ and major weapons upgrades - pre-interrupt nerf). With my lvl 20 - 1 pink star survivors, I can stroll through these episode challenges like its nothing (at this point, I try to pick weak survivors to make it challenging). I have 5 1-pink-star survivors all with 22 or 23 armor and weapons. So there is no reasons to call more or invest in upgrading others. Outpost is done for me - I can take anybody I'm matched against.

    The crazy thing is that I'm a big spender on this game. Don't want to say how much, but this is the first game I've ever spent big $. And now,there is no reason to. NG has effectively retired one of its high rollers.
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    @haley I share your frustration - experienced players are at the upper limits of what the game can offer and that must be totally frustrating.

    I think, thigh, that perhaps you know there is little more for you here at the moment, and maybe that makes you feel a bit sad?

    If, for example, you can't/don't enjoy playing the game having the experience, abilities and skills that come with the time, effort and (occasional) cash injection you have invested maybe it's time to take a break?

    I love the game too, and don't want to contemplate not playing it, but maybe that is where you are at right now?
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    I also have my Guild challenges to break the boredom of endless scavenger hunts to get xps and supplies. It makes me wonder why NG doesn't add new chapters quicker but they probably have so many new players added daily or weekly that us high level or maxed out level players aren't really a consideration at this point.
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    You guys should have save some money and progress slower :smiley:
    I myslef getting to point where are you now(well, estabilished with lvl19 survs and several lvl22 pieces) and I do enjoy every challenge, every S7 mission and some hard/nightmare episodes(as I didnt progress fast in these since I dont have to).
    What you can do are weekly challenges(for Christ´s sake, get rid of all those repeats @NG, doing one map 22 times is way too many, and I dont run over RSL23), outposts raids(and use all those TGs for chance of new weapon with extra traits) and scavenge missions. Soon we are going to get brand new challenge and larger set of scavenge missions. I believe we will get episode 15 soon(2.4?) so you will have some extra part to deal with. Just slow down your progress so you will have new content for longer next time...
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    Hmmm, all games reach a point where they are no more challenging for the players at the maximum.

    I am just level 50 with still a long way to go. Every week, I play challenges and scavenging missions for crates, phones, experience points and supplies. Gathering radios to earn tokens for upgrading my survivors and heroes. I admit it is monotonous but is fun. Lets hope 2.3 update brings something new. Looking forward to new type of survivors and zombies

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    Dale said:

    You have finished the game. If you like, you can max out the buildings and your supplies in case they create another level but, as things stand now, you are finished.

    Finished the game?? That's amazing! And we can spend also the end credits shooting targets at a carnival stall as in Sam and Max (..Hit the road)? :#

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    Aye there.

    I'm only at survivor level 13/14 and not in a rush to progress. Maxing out everything, or close to, I know where you're at.

    I've been here since launch (only I deleted game, forgot, and rejoined) and I quit 'my other' game to fully focus on this game.

    Reason I play is to just have a fast tactical game, and at times, a lengthy game to do events (guild), but always -always- for fun.

    I've been in games where 'overlords' expect you to log in midnight just to get a boss, and I tell you, not cool! XD

    Play the game, take pauses, find a guild that suits your time and style. Being bored playing a game is not worth it.

    NML is the most friendly F2P game I ever encountered (which was a good game) so stick around. We will be here for your return. Meanwhile, NG might find a surprise for you.

    At max, or close to max level, you love the gameplay, and the community as well perhaps?

    See you in a couple of weeks! I command you to take a break :)
  • RealC0manRealC0man Member Posts: 46
    (F2P doesn't mean totally free, buy bundles you see worthy, get gas-bundles for the speccial game-frenzy moments. NG deserve )
  • buchizombiebreathbuchizombiebreath Member Posts: 1,131
    i agree with the most of you, the game get boring when you just have to wait for next 15 phones to get tokens that you cant need cause thhey are to less! the only fun in game are the challenges and build up a good guild where you can find friends and competitions! othersides sucks the challenge cause i made 300 stars without tactic just play the grind that i have same walkers who challenge me! thanks to my guild! without my guild i had quit a long time before
  • GrimGaelGrimGael Member Posts: 1,410
    Great post @Shteevie
    I am looking forward to the challenge rework, because I have to give a lot of credit to the work your team did on outposts. I do appreciate that you (collectively) put the time in to improve it instead of just leaving it as it was. I also appreciate the work you did on 2.3 quality of life issues. Of course, we'll see how it comes along, but reading the release notes was very encouraging. Credit where credit is due (just not my credit card) I hope when things get better financially I can pick up that spear, lol.
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