Episode 12 - 4, "Fire with Fire"

I'm getting my butt kicked on this mission, any tips or advice? My hunter is a lvl 15, used 2 warriors at 14, but not effective? Should I add more shooters?


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    On normal,haven't tried Hard,Nightmare yet.I used a bruiser,hunter,shooter though.Bruiser to set charges then he ran block while the other two rannnn.
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    Sorry, I did not remember exactly anymore. Its difficult that there is no option to take overall look to all scenes afterwards in the game and there is no easily obtained place on thee Net where are screendumps of every stage.

    If I remember right, this bomb trigging was 'easy' - compared at least one another tricky triggering in E12. Basically same thing as always in preparing bomb, opening gate or crate etc: put some muscles and armour to prepare, like bruiser, assault or warrior with decent gear to get possible hits. I prefer in these higher episodes assault / warrior just for their AOE-skills.

    Try to put 2 hunter on the left, shooting multiple zombies and from distance (1 shooter and 1 hunter may do also, havent tried). Then triggerer character goes to launch the detonation. Some zombies should die in explosion. There is a fat boss on the exit. Take upper or lower route depending in which has less zombies. Fat guy might approach another route, maybe not. When spawn comes, try to kill everything needed forward - naturally first the fat individual - and move also. If someone hits from the back, there should not be struggle with decent chars and gears.

    I just googled screenshot of E124 and I found this video, better than my explanation, dunno remember exactly due I happened to manage it 'easily':

    @Milehigh hope these help :)
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    It harder than in the video now (normal mode) there is 2 fatties in the exit zone, right after the explosion.

    I'm also stuck there. Lv 14 survivors, with poor gear.
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    In the video, he got lucky at the very end. Had that big zombie hit him, he'd have been stunned and most likely not have completed the level.
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    I finally got past this with 3 level 14--2 hunters and a shooter. All with good gear and traits. One hunter had a weapon with 100% interrupt and the other had a large path for shooting multiple zombies at one time plus upgraded critical chance and damage.

    How I did it:
    1) Keep hunters back while shooter sets charge (try to send him there on the first turn, no later than second for sure). Pick off zombies from distance. Need level 14 to one shot them. When I had level 13, wasn't strong enough.

    2) Use shooter to set off charge.

    3) Run for exit; use charged power to down tank zombies in way if necessary. I went around the bottom of the board. 100% interrupt on hunter was a godsend.

    Two of my characters were in hospital for a while after this mission, so don't worry about taking a hit or two. It's also nice if your survivors have dodge trait and luck.
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    I got the two fatties in the exit also. Here's a video:
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    @WastelandDan: Not sure if your response was for me, but I was using level 14 survivors. I don't have any level 15 yet. I didn't run into any level 16+ zombies. As soon as detonated the bomb, I ran for it.
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    Thanks guys...I'll keep trying ! :#
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