Promote Rare Shooter/Hunter w/ Dodge, Sure Shot & Marksman to Epic/Legendary?

Hi all! As the title says: is it worth promoting a Rare Shooter or Hunter with the traits Dodge, Sure Shot & Marksman, to Epic or Legendary? Really glad that everyone is very helpful in the forums, and I'm hoping I could be afforded the same kind treatment.:) Thanks in advance!


  • GreySeerGreySeer Member Posts: 308
    It's always a gamble, but I actually did this.

    This is a while ago. Somehow the Radiotower gods refused to give me hunters for weeks. So I took in a Rare hunter name Rosie, who also happened to have dodge, sureshot and marksman as her first three traits.

    I included a screencap because my gamble on her worked out beyond my expectations. But it could also have been Defensive Stance.

    I do have to add that I already had two legendary hunters.
  • KertesKertes Member Posts: 33
    Thanks GreySeer! Rosie looks amazing.:) In my case, I have a Hunter and a Shooter with the exact same traits. Shall I go for it? For both?
  • WalkermanWalkerman Member Posts: 64
    In my estimation, Marksman, Sure Shot and Luck make the best trio of traits for ranged survivors. Bullet Dodge over Dodge as a fourth. And Vigilant over Iron Skin and Defensive Stance as a fifth. First because I want maximum damage output for my hunters/shooters and second because I don't let them get in melee range of the walkers. You've got two of the three I value as top traits and I would probably pull the trigger on promoting them and knowing their place in my camp if someone better happens along.
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  • GreySeerGreySeer Member Posts: 308
    It's your choice in the end :)

    Take into account if it's worth it if they unlock undesireable traits. Because you do get tokens back when you trash them, but less than you invested. Because I already had two great legendary hunters, I wouldn't suffer that much of a loss if Rosie turned out to be a bad bet. And I had a big pile of unused tokens at the time that I really wanted to use. And I kind of liked the anticipation of promoting a Rare all the way up to Legendary.

    I'm not going to tell you what to do. This is only one survivor that turned out great. I'm sure lots of survivors got trash too (just not by me).
  • CaptainslayerCaptainslayer Member Posts: 1,430
    I promoted a rare hunter to legendary with marksman, sure shot and dodge (basically the 3 traits i look for) and got bullet dodge for 4th trait I'll give you 2 guesses for the 5th trait (you'll only need one) but still happy and is currently my number 2 hunter (number 1 for the supermen)
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