Constant Game of War ads really disrupt my fun in this game

ScramblesScrambles Member Posts: 9
I understand the reason behind the ads, and if I wanted to skip them I don't have to accept the extra rewards (or I can just pay gold for them).

But there really seems to be something broken in the ad-serving rotation in this game. Over the last week around 90% of the ads I get are concerning Game of War, and they are the terrible amateurish ones that look like they were designed by the special ed team in 1997 making me sit there for 30 seconds while it flashes for me to build a tower quickly because I'm under attack!

I don't mind ads if they rotate fresh ones in, or at the very least, make them skippable like the Mobile Strike one that's an almost identical copy of the horrible Game of War one. But this Game of War ad is just awful to endure for a cumulative 10-20 minutes every day. Any chance this is something that's being tweaked in the ad-focused changes the 2.3 update?


  • Neil_JNeil_J Member Posts: 1,873

    I seem to have the Shpock ad on endless repeat.....
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    It's actually more than add; it is a tutorial mission for the Game Of War game and if you do what they say it is interactive. That is, you can put up the tower watch it kill the guy attacking the wall, put up a garden, earn gold, create more towers, etc. Same with the Mobile Strike one also. It is annoying, but at least you can interact with it.
  • JayZJayZ Member Posts: 3,716
    Lol, I actually haven't seen that in months now. I do remember when I would get the Mobile Strike and Game of War ads every single time (for about 3 straight weeks).

    There's one series of ads that's been bugging me recently. I don't remember what it is, but the ad freezes in the middle of playback, and I literally have to force close my game to end the stupid ad...
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  • WalkermanWalkerman Member Posts: 64
    All I've seen are the Mobile Strike/Game of War ads for the last week or so. Blessedly, they don't have any annoyingly loud music or SFX to disrupt what I'll have playing.
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    You are luck! I have only a special rodents' ad service rotation... :#

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  • DarkZeroDarkZero Member Posts: 339
    I don't even bother with ads anymore because all they do is end up crashing my game. Before it was just one ad that would do it but now it's almost every single one of them.
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