Do you feel lucky, Punk? (Russian roulette)

Well, giddyap there. I love me gunners, but they are playing russian roulette, and one will have to go.

Sorry for posting this here but I cant post on 'strategy forum' just yet.

I see my legendary hunter might have to go to upgrade my other shooter. So,, question is. Which two stay, and which two get 'rouletted'?
Or should I keep 3 og the ones in the picture?

I play it safe alot, and take pride in not alerting more walkers. I also do alot of outposts but do my best to only take TGs. But if I find someone blocking my TGs, I try to see if I can snatch and kill. My scouts can be sacrified (got plenty 'runners') but my shooters have to survive.

Which shooters would you sacrifice, and what traits do you think is 'ultimate' for a shooter?


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    Agh, I cant post screenshot. Ill be back with my survivors
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    Did you mean to post a picture? I'm not seeing anything.
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    Aye, I did. Have to sort account first it seem. But you can post your adviced traits for shooters if youd like :)
  • RealC0manRealC0man Member Posts: 46
    New account.

    Here they are. Which two to keep?

  • WalkermanWalkerman Member Posts: 64
    That's a tough one because that last trait is what would seal the deal. For me in order of keeper to sleeper...

    Sharon - Would be my IDEAL with Marksman as the fifth.
    P-Rick - Would benefit from Sure Shot.
    Irene - Would benefit from either Marksman or Sure Shot, but she lacks both so she's my likely loser.

    I'd probably wind up getting Defensive Stance on all of them and ruin my day.
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  • JayZJayZ Member Posts: 3,740
    Here are the traits that I like in a Shooter: Luck, Dodge, Bullet Dodge, Marksman, Sure Shot, Iron Shield

    Given my preference for traits, I would rank your in the following order: Sarah, Irene, Sharon, P-Rick.
    - Sarah has a great set of traits (except for Vigilant). She's also already Legendary, which is always nice.
    - If Irene gets Marksman or Sure Shot with her last trait, she would be near perfect.
    - Sharon has a nice set of traits, but Vigilant kind of sucks. I think Sharon would be a nice Outpost defender with Bullet Dodge and Sure Shot.
    - P-Rick, like Irene, also has nearly perfect traits. However, not having Luck is a dealbreaker for me since Luck interacts with all other traits.

    Your characters are lower levels, so you still have a lot of this game to go. If I were you, I would keep Sarah, Sharon, and Irene and work towards upgrading Irene to legendary. Here's why:
    - Keeping three Shooters around will also give you the bonus "Use all Shooter team" quest.
    - You're going to get other Shooters along the way, some of which will have better traits and others will have worse traits. As you get better Shooters, you can retire your old ones.
    - As of right now, there's no reason to spend tokens on upgrading characters with bad traits (Sharon with Vigilant) or characters missing critical traits (P-Rick with Luck).
    - There's also no reason to feed legendary survivors to the token grinder to gamble on a fifth trait which might be Defensive Stance. I think that's a luxury reserved for people that already have several legendary survivors that they can afford to get rid of.
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  • NecroboogieNecroboogie Member Posts: 1,108
    I'm with @OneLessTitan on this except bullet dodge would be an alternate trait and marksman my preferred 3rd. Bullet dodge is definitely a must have for outpost and raider/freeman/savior (whatever term getting thrown out there for missions) cause it's wasted on missions with just walkers.
    Worth saving a char without bullet dodge, but try to build teams with/without
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    I feel with the changes to Luck now being a multiplicative modifier rather than additive that Dodge has become so ineffective as to not even exist. Especially at +2/3 RSL This has lead me to value the "No Melee" traits for hunter/shooters. Sure Shot, Marksman, Vigilant and Bullet Dodge all encourage keeping your distance while dealing max damage. Add critical chance, range increase, and damage increase from your weapon and things just get better and better.
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    So Sharon need to let go, while Prick hold the fort whilst Sharon and Irene grow up as the next 'heroes'?
  • TheSittingDuckTheSittingDuck Member Posts: 208
    These are mine favourites on hunter/shooter class:

    -Sure Shot
    -Iron Skin

    Of course it's always good to have another one with Bullet Dodge (for outposts/freemans) instead of Sure Shot / Luck / Iron Skin... hope it helps a little :)
  • RealC0manRealC0man Member Posts: 46
    Ok, thx for feedback, much appreciated.

    However, as the mafia boss I am (wanna be) I'll let the barrel be empty for now. I will arrange with a carved bullet. A bullet carved with the victims name.

    Who will have to go so the other can become stronger?

    Hehe, any final thoughts?

    P-Rick, quite honestly... He's a prick but been awesome for the team so far (but I don't like his attitude!)
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