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Hey guys im pretty new to the game myself and i have a few questions about the teams, i was Lucky enough to find 2 epic survivors in the first calls ,a hunter and a scout and since then I keep using that team + daryl as my hero. But they get pretty bad injured and im getting low on gold to keep speeding up, I want to make a new team but I dont know any good combinations , just unlocked the warrior class and it feels meh , any suggestions? P.s i hate the bruiser (too slow)


  • GreySeerGreySeer Member Posts: 308
    To me it really depends on what kind of mission you are going. I can shared my personal preference, but it's not a definitive guild to the game.

    Outpost: Rosita (Aussault), scout and hunter. Before I got into assaults I usually took a second hunter or a shooter.

    Scavenger: Two hunters and a bruisers. Since you're not into bruisers I'd suggest a warrior. Reason I only take two ranged is that lots of maps have 2/3 spawnpoints for walkers. With the warrior/bruiser you can control the point closest to you while the ranged go for the points furthest away.

    Star challenges: Depends on the challenge. For this one I took my outpost team (Assault, hunter, scout). If there's freemen I make sure my survivors have bullet dodge.

    Storymissions: I look it up on youtube and determine my team based on the map/enemies.

    If you post a screenshot of your survivors people could give you some more in depth advise?
  • RobertDRSRobertDRS Member Posts: 2
    Thank you, those are my main
  • GreySeerGreySeer Member Posts: 308
    Based on this screenshot I'd suggest you keep using these three as your current team. Seems like the rest of your team is still uncommen and probably aren't supporting the best gear.

    I noticed your warrior is level 9, while your main team is level 8. So I'd level them up, first priority. Your epic hunter has pretty decent traits.

    Your scout is fine for now, but disposable in the long run. If I'm correct you also have a level 9 uncommen scout with retaliate next to that warrior? You could try using that one for a change.
  • HaiyanHaiyan Member Posts: 156
    There are cases where it's better to bring a melee survivor like a scout or bruised along with ranged ones in missions with tough walkers but in missions where there's a lot of regular walkers i prefer to have an all ranged team - 2 assaults with widespread and interrupt, and maggie with interrupt.
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