Please give us option to buy heros

Or at least the main character Rick. The casual gamers who are fans of the show will want to play as their favorite characters, not some no name random guys. To get the full enjoyment of the game we need the characters from the show. Right now, by the time we get our favorite characters ( about 6 months?) We'll be so burnt out already and probably not playing or enjoying it as much anymore. Nobody buys a ps4/Xbox game to play a random guy to beat the game to unlock the main character, not fun. Please, $19.99 as the starting point seems fair. People will still go for the hero tokens to level them up, but just give us the heros.


  • GreySeerGreySeer Member Posts: 308
    I think you are making assumptions about fans of the show and the game.

    There's people like you: Who would mainly enjoy playing this game with the characters from the show.

    And like me: Who prefer building their own characters and view the heroes as a nice addition/novelty.

    (And there's obviously a grey area inbetween, but sake of argument I'm simplifying this).

    That said I'm pretty indifferent about people being able to buy heroes. But at a price of 19.99 it seems only fair that they unlock at common. Yet that also brings up a whole new issue of money-rarity-level-additionalgear combination of the heroes, do you have any ideas about that?
  • crazyRickGrimescrazyRickGrimes Member Posts: 3
    The prices doesn't matter. NG could come up with any amount they want. All I'm suggesting, and we should all agree on even if you like playing with own random characters, is give us the option to buy them. Using the radio just to get a chance to get hero tokens and then you need alot of tokens is kind of ridiculous. Why not just let us call for the hero instead of hero tokens. I bet not many players will stay long enough to enjoy michonne, 500 tokens really.
  • GreySeerGreySeer Member Posts: 308
    What I'm saying is that I can only support this if it's fairly balanced. If you calculate in fact it would look like this (I'm basing this of a calculation by @DLich I saved a sc of):

    500 TG = 100 Gold
    4 Hero Tokens = 800 TG
    60 Hero Tokens (lowest unlock) = 12000 TG
    12000 TG = 2400 Gold

    14000 Gold = 100 euro (best value)
    Hero cost = €17,14
    500 Gold = €4,99
    Hero cost = €24,00

    Middleground would indeed be around €19,99 for a common hero.

    Yet I do think you have to take into account that there are tons of players who have already spent hundreds, if not thousands, of moneys to obtain and upgrade the heroes and I don't feel like a price of €19,99 compensates that.

    I think you can avoid a lot of trouble by not offering the heroes as ready-to-use characters, but by offering an x amount of tokens for money.
  • HaiyanHaiyan Member Posts: 156
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    I think doing so will make the game more like a pay to win thing and therefore, might turn off a good number of players. I think what NG did with this - leaving good things such as legendary survivors and equipment to pure luck - might be frustrating, but it also somehow levels the playing field for everyone, as one can purchase tons of radios and still get useless survivors and/or equipment, while someone who hasn't paid a cent in this game can be all too lucky and get very gracious amounts of tokens
  • crazyRickGrimescrazyRickGrimes Member Posts: 3
    No one is paying to win anything. Youre not winning with a common/uncommon hero. Everything stays the same. We'll still need radios, still need tokens to level our hero's, still need those "legendary survivors". All I'm saying is give us our favorite characters in the beginning instead of at end game. NG Christmas is near, please do it.
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