Of these three Warriors, which two would you keep?

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I tend to only keep 3 of each class, including heroes. As I have Jesus, that means two additional Warriors to allcoate Warrior tokens to. I just called a third. Who would you keep and who would you scrap? Note that Sean's Dodge and Defensive Stance are both Lvl 6. Scrapping him would yield 484 tokens. The other two have not had any tokens invested in them.

Lucille and Sean have the same traits with one exception: Sean has Strong whereas Lucille has Luck. Strong is misleading: it only modifies weapon damage, not total damage. For example, though Sean's total damage is 2300, weapon damage is only 1175. Strong adds 1175x0.15=176 (7.6% of total). Is that a sufficient increase to justify using one of five trait slots? You be the judge, but my inclination is to say no. Luck, on the other hand.... well honestly since the recent change I'm not entirely sure what Luck does.... but presumably it adds a modifier to all rolls, affecting everything from critical chance to dodge chance. If I'm correct (and please correct me if I'' wrong) then a higher crit chance should compensate for having 7.6% less damage, with a higher dodge chance putting it over the top.

As for Patricia, she differs from the other two in that she has Bullet Dodge instead of Dodge (which makes her better suited to fighting Freemen/defenders than walkers) but instead of Defensive Stance (useless trait) she has Power Strike (incredibly useful trait). Not having Dodge though is a big deal. I use Warriors most often to deal with high level (23+) special walkers (Armoured/Tanks) so the importance of Dodge cannot be understated.
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    Personally I don't count heroes in for the three-of-each-class rule. But if you really want to let one go I'd choose Patricia.

    As you've said yourself her lack of dodge is a huge point. I don't even bother with melee without dodge. Power Strike is only useful if you're an overwatch player, as is DS (but I agree, less useful than PS).

    And definitely keep Sean. If only because you've invested so much in him, and his Strong does give him +1 imo.
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