Where are the legendary weapons???

Ive been playing since the last 2 weeks deadly missions at the last chapter and open gold chest and i haven t found any legendary weapons?
Is this a joke?
Coz i open every chest gold with golds i have..
If in one week i still have nothing i will quit the game!
Level 37 and input already 100 euros in this game..
By the way i dont care having weapons level 16!!! I cant upgrade it


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    Poppy said:

    When one meme isn't enough it's time for two...
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    Is random bro. You will loot legendary weapons in golden chest from Challenges rewards and deadly missions.

    Only be patient


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    Yes.. patience my friend.. and threatening to quit wont help..
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    Anyone who threatens to quit a game should just quit and be done with it.
    It is a good sign that you take the game way too seriously and do not have fun playing it.
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    To be honest since 2 weeks I didn't find any legendary item too....
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  • What am I going to do with this when I can use it and as good as it is, it's an uncommon
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    bgbelden said:

    What am I going to do with this when I can use it and as good as it is, it's an uncommon

    And when the game gets to that level, why would I waste precious XP to upgrade it?
    And why did I win it now being who knows how long before I can use it.
    Some things the Devs should have common sense on.
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    The only way to use items 15+ is to finish hard mode to get lvl 18 survivor - but then deadly missions will have recommended lvl 18 which is pointless!!
    That part of game is really unbalanced.
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    I havnt gotten hardly any gold tickets this week/ either in challenges or Deadly mission farming?!
    Week before, I got tons!! One after the other.
    Not a big deal, cuz I have just about every legendary weapon there is, even some level 19's!
    Although oddly enough, I have no legendary assault stuff??? But I'm level 13-19 legendary for all other survivors.
    Am I alone?? And u need Legendary assault weapons/survivors for a lot of high level missions: I.e. Recommended levels- 18 and up
    Cuz I can get thru weekly missions with level 20 walkers, with just epic survivors & epic gear.
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    I've actually gotten an oddly high amount of legendary and epic drops in the last 24 hours, (7 drops) but nothing I can really use. All low stuff from challenge, or higher stuff I can't use or upgrade yet.

    They're doing it to bait us into sticking around, cause if we have a level 17 legendary we damn well want to know what it's capable of.
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    Most awesome legendary in the game right here!

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    @poppy - it does give that extra grid shot!
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    @Poppy Hrrrhrr...scrapped the same gun yesterday :D
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    Why do people complain about stuff like this? I like that it's difficult to find legendary items. It makes them more unique and it's actually exciting when you find them.
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    manicorn said:

    Why do people complain about stuff like this? I like that it's difficult to find legendary items. It makes them more unique and it's actually exciting when you find them.

    On the other side legendaries are incredible rare and if they are missing certain traits, they are more or less useless in the end.

    "Found a legendary warrior weapon? Oh, no arc? To bad for you! Now go and do another 50 missions for the next legendary that is crappy"

    The problem is, if you do normal non-deadly missions, you will have a golden reward every 5th-10th mission and if you do deadly, maybe every 2nd-3rd. And this one golden rewards can also include experience, radios, ressources or gold, so there is already a huge chance that it isnt even a piece of equipment. And IF it is a piece of equipment, it will probably be 3 star 90% of the time, 9% epic and only 1% legendary (feels like that at least). And if it is a legendary, it must be for a jobclass you also use in missions (for example: many avoid bruisers, so a legendary weapon would be useless then). And if it is for the right jobclass, it also must have the right traits in order to be useful (for example: warrior weapon with arc trait).

    To sum it up - Probablity to get a good useful legendary item:
    - chance to get a gold reward
    - chance that gold reward is equipment
    - chance that the equipment is actually legendary
    - chance that legendary equipment is for the right jobclass
    - chance that legendary equipment has the right traits

    As you can see, if you take all of this into consideration, it is incredible rare to get a good (useful) legendary item. During the weekend with increased reward chance I did as many missions as I could and I managed to get 2 legendaries (1 knife and 1 bruiser armor). Both legendaries are quite useless, since the traits of knife aren't that good and I dont use bruiser in missions most of the time. So even with the increased chance I didn't manage to get a good useful legendary for my team. :(

    Dont get me wrong. I can manage missions etc. also with rare and epic stuff, but I still wish I could get my hands on some useful legendaries from time to time.
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    You young whipper snappers got no right complaining. It took me 3 months to finally get a rifle with the gold higher caliber trait. It's like finding a Unicorn in your garden. The Unicorn is a mythical beast they say. Well I finally found a Unicorn and it only took 3 months of grinding and grinding. Nuff said.
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    Damn right Skipper!

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    Lawdog said:

    Damn right Skipper!


    Get off my internet lawn. Show respect for your elders.

    I've been getting a gold ticket about once every five missions (deadly) since the event ended. And it's been a rare item every time. I'm going to vent if I wanna vent, and everyone else can take a boat to fuck-offy land.

    You want to know where the legendary weapons are? It's in a box that has a gold ticket in the game. The correct question is how do I find the legendary weapon? The answer, you open the box with a gold ticket in the game.
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    Legendaries? I dont know where to find them either..
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    I tend to get a lot of legendary and epic gear popups early during the challenge.
    Later on I don't see any at all
    The highest epic and legendary I get is level 12.
    After that I'm extremely lucky if I get to see one level 13.
    All I usually get after that are rares, uncommon or common.
    I think either some profiles have better odds at receiving better equipment then others.
    Like let's say for example, your profile when you first make it will be like 10,20,30,40% chance of finding epics and legendary equiptment.
    I'm trying to say this without it sounding like I'm whining lol,
    But This seems to be how it is as I have friends that don't have many epics and legendaries show up or above a certain level, and I Have other friends that just seem to get a constant flow and are rolling in them.

    So I feel your pain @Weishen :(
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    With saying that too, I get gold tickets from time to time and I tend to get either resources or gas and sometimes phones.
    Tbh, I'd rather get epic and legendary weapons over anything Lol
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    Yup, after a mission, I opened 3 gold crates and got 20k xp, 4 gas, and something around 6k supplies. the 3 silver crates were a bunch of common or uncommon level level 12-13 weapons/armor which is useless to me since most of my players are level 15. I have 4 hunter armors (1 legendary but maxed out at level 14, 2 rares, 1 common)and 23 bruiser armor (atleast 4 legendary, 5 epic)

    I keep hoping if I keep the bruiser and scout stuff, there would more chances of getting hunter and warrior gear, but NOPE, this game keeps distributing gear among classes unevenly. I have 30 scout weapons, literally 9 rare level 12 scout police batons, and 5 level 13 rare police batons, and I've scraped a lot more of the same damn weapons, WHY the eff can't you gear distributed fairly among classes??!?

    And I've been thinking about scrapping the warrior epic lvl 15 weapon since no arc :(
    Warrior weapons without arc and assault weapons without the wide spread trait are pretty much useless ;(
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    Good point Nate,just went through my inventory grinding up stuff for a few sheckles(beer money) and yep,3 epic low level weps-nothing even mid level much less higher level star runs.
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    Here's the Leggies:

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    Sry for flooding guys! Here's the image I wanted...

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    @Ezy dude, why did you upgrade it? if only you have waited 83 years, it will grow and become level 7..
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    Here's my unicorn!!

    Finally after 2 weeks of searching...

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