Elders need more things to do in the guild

It would be nice if the elders that are in the guild would have the option to advertise the guild as the leaders do that way the gold doesn't have to always come from one person.


  • NecroboogieNecroboogie Member Posts: 1,108
    Could always be a 'Contribution' button for the guild like a lot of other games...
  • HaiyanHaiyan Member Posts: 156
    I want to share my gold to our leader to advertise the guild but i cant
  • JerryDixonJerryDixon Member Posts: 387
    +1 for gold sharing
    Jerry Dixon
  • WalkerballzWalkerballz Member Posts: 1,896
    My elders stepped up and started to run interguild challenges, I never asked, they just pitch in, this way they help get the others motivated and take some of the pressure off of my wallet For which I am extremely grateful . I have found excellent members without paying for advertisement if you work that recruitment thread you shouldn't have any problem getting like-minded individuals at the proper levels into your guild at no cost, always works for me. I do support the gold sharing 100% but save it for rewards for the guild. A weapon exchange would be really ideal ;)
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