New update won't let me finish a level I had sewed up because game won't let me end it in goal zone

mrhappymrhappy Member Posts: 6
I restarted for 20 minutes trying take one step in to finish and got served a defeat. Kind of pissed about this. Please fix and reimburse for lost time and frustration


  • mobbiemobbie Member Posts: 150
    edited November 2016
    hey guy got a bug cant get pass 5.1 getting my last guy to the exit game crashs and reboots and repeats.... afar update

    playing on bluestacks
  • pyhtiopyhtio Member Posts: 0
    It's a solo mission but after the update I have to pick 3 survivors to be able to start the mission. But only one of them will actually be there when the mission starts. When I try to walk my sole missionist to the finish zone, the action point(s) will be deduced but he won't move. After that I can't move him anymore. When I end the turn, the game will reboot itself and open up in the state before I tried to walk to the finish.
  • KSizzleKSizzle Member Posts: 1
    edited November 2016
    Having some problem with other season 7 missions. Was stuck unable to finish Daryl's Nightmare, had to flee twice, and now I am stuck unable to finish the Carol one.
  • wittywitty Member Posts: 1
    I'm trying to do Chapter 3 mission 1 and when I get to the end, I can get 2 of my survivors to the safe zone, bit when I move the 3rd one, the game freezes for a second, then reloads. Putting me back in the exact same spot.
  • ZuizziZuizzi Member Posts: 5
    Same thing happens to me, Season 5, Trial 2/5 . I had to flee and get a serious injury, nothing else worked.
  • mrhappymrhappy Member Posts: 6
    I got burnt on 8-5 same way. I frigging got reloaded about a dozen times just to get served a defeat because of it. Mr happy ain't so happy about this
  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,576
    Known issue, thanks for the reports guys.
  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,576
    Thanks for the report @mobbie, this is a known issue.
  • missmiss Member Posts: 12
    Same here for 6.5 in nightmare mode... had to flee to get out of it. Sigh
  • ZuizziZuizzi Member Posts: 5
    Same thing happened to me, Season 5, Trial 2/5 . I had to flee and get a serious injury, nothing else worked.
  • wittywitty Member Posts: 1
    Exact same issue for me chapter 3 mission 1. Had to flee and get serious injury. Very upset because I'm missing out on the free gas and double xp that I already redeemed.
  • carencaren Member Posts: 5
    Same on my game but mission one of chapter 5. Right in front of the exit and can't move.
  • BilzibobBilzibob Member Posts: 2
    I'm stuck in a loop, in mattress madness every time I move last survivor into exit the game just resrarts
  • BilzibobBilzibob Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for pointing out the flee button, now I can get out of mattress madness loop
  • penginoniumpenginonium Member Posts: 1
    Yup, tried several different chapters but it's all the same. Restarts game and I have to flee. :(
  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,576
    This should be fixed now. You'll have to first close the game from the background and then reload. If you're still in the mission, unfortunately you'll need to flee.
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