I've got freshly cut thumbs to spare! (But...)

RealC0manRealC0man Member Posts: 46
After killing thousands of walkers, I've got many thumbs up after this update!

Auto-center, sorting survivors pre-mission etc, GJ and I have more thumbs to throw your way! :))

But... Did any of you notice the game force-resetting or DisConnect more often than before?

If so, did the requirements for this game just step it up a notch?
I hope not, because with my first gen iPad mini I'll have to upgrade my iPad, and that's less bundles for me :(

So if you noticed game restarting more often after update, what device are you on?
(Outpost is a known issue, give feedback if you notice difference on other missions only,
please :) )

I'm on iPad Mini, first gen


  • MortmerMortmer Member Posts: 169
    I am on an iPhone 5S running iOS 10 and have had about 10-15 force resets since I updated.
  • RealC0manRealC0man Member Posts: 46
    edited November 2016
    We know of issues on outpost raids. But does this apply to normal missions, if we rule out outpost?
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