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    @TransmuteJun Where did you hear that NG people are going to be on Talking Dead this weekend?! That would be awesome if it were one of the guys on the message boards!
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    JayZ said:

    @TransmuteJun Where did you hear that NG people are going to be on Talking Dead this weekend?! That would be awesome if it were one of the guys on the message boards!

    It's in the update notes!

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    @Teeceezy @Shteevie
    Could you please release what the BP are for each building, and what BP is required for each level.

    I have been tracking mine, and I at level 56 with 5 buildings left I was on track to get to level 57 & 1228 BP - which was a common value amongst those that were maxed.

    However, I dropped about 300 building points. That would have to mean the Building Points from my remaining buildings went up.

    There are only 2 ways I can find out if it is correct. Max everything (which will still take me a couple of weeks), or for you to let us know the rates and we can all check our own.

    Its not like this is sensitive data (like drop rates might be).
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    Shteevie said:

    -It was a lot more complicated than that. We had players both ahead and behind of where they 'should' be because of many reasons, It was more than the memorial - the radio tent, Outpost and Walker Pit, and when a player built the various updates for buildings all went into account. We pulled a number of profiles at different levels and did internal tests, and they all increased. We theorized that it could be possible that players may go down, but didn't see it in our testing.

    You're a data guy. Surely you would have found it easy to run it across everyone (or at least a larger sample size) to make sure it was working.
    That sounds like some really bad testing to me.
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    Thanks for the bump up to 58.
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    I too went down in points. Happy to sacrifice a few points so that those who were stuck by sloppy programming could be freed from their suffering. That being said, I want them back. They were taken away by further sloppiness. I earned them by being here and doing things, apparently for quite some time. Why would I not? It's not the difference of a level, but a badge I earned. I believe in you, you can work out the math if you really try.
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    I also like to express my great appreciation for making BP issue resolved. I was at level 57 with all my buildings maxed out before 2.3 update, and now I'm at level 58 0/1250. Great job, NG
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    Missed the point, but have at me. My statement stands.
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    @Shteevie Not getting post-mission videos (it's been sporadic for weeks, but after the update today I haven't gotten any besides the ones from the radio tower). What do I do?
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    @TransmuteJun Thanks! I must have gotten so excited about the free booster that I neglected to read that last part ;)
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    I'm happy I'm now level 58 thank you.

    Just sitting back now and waiting for @Shteevie to have another melt down.

    Anyone got some popcorn?
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    Popcorn is required.
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    You'll probably get there @blynknz probably me too. But I still want my ~111 points back. You see, I'm neither a superstar nor a big spender. I have little enough to show for playing as long as I have except that and a useless memorial tent. It's the principle.
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    Lol, ok, fair enough. We do slag on you from time to time, but "it's not a mistake--look, you're just not getting them back" is an honest, acceptable answer and I can easily move on after expressing my displeasure.
    While we're on it though, slagging on other people in defense is not really productive. Let me tell you why many of us are qualified to judge how other people do their jobs-we have jobs too. Often when our performance is riddled with errors we are looking for a new job. Personally, several jobs I've been on, one error would have resulted in serious injury or death for myself and/or my crew. A less serious error would have resulted in serious property damage. If the worst consequence is a few angry forum posts-pfft. We aren't asking for their heads, just saying "we see you"
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    I also like to express my great appreciation for making BP issue resolved. I was at level 57 with all my buildings maxed out before 2.3 update, and now I'm at level 58 0/1250. Great job, NG. I have one question do you guys have any plan for the memorial now? I feel like I spent to build it for no reason.
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    I just wanted to say Thank you @Shteevie
    I'm a level 58 now & very happy.
    I really like this update good job NG
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    (sorry for the long post)
    @Shteevie, you still haven't answered my questions.
    Can you please give us the BP each building creates, and the BP required for each level.

    Can you at least confirm whether buildings BP changed in the update.

    This is me. This is what I had pre-update

    I have
    Farms 6x Lvl10
    Storage 2x Lvl9, 2x Lvl 10
    Tents 2x lvl 10
    Outpost Lvl 5
    Walker Pit Lvl 9
    TG Lvl 19
    WS Lvl 17
    Radio Lvl 8
    Car Lvl 10
    Hospital Lvl 9
    Council Lvl 19
    memorial Lvl 1

    Level 56 - 586 BP
    Still to upgrade, and these are what I believe the BP to be
    Radio 8>9 - 433 (The radio is the only one I am not sure of)
    Radio 9>10 - 480 (The radio is the only one I am not sure of)
    Storage 9>10 - 289
    Storage 9>10 - 289
    Hospital 9>10 - 400
    Total BP = 1,891

    Level 56 > 57 = 1250 BP
    Level 57 > 58 = 1250 BP

    So I have 664 to get to level 57
    That left 1227.
    So I would get to level 57 1227/1250 (23 points short).

    Now you reduce me by 317 points. So to me that means I am 340 points off getting to level 58

    If I have a made a mistake, then that's cool. I have tried to triple check this, as it is something I have tracked for a while.
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    @blynknz I can tell you that pre-2.3, the radio 9 > 10 upgrade was 480 BP (as you noted, even though you stated you weren't sure). I was keeping track of that one closely because it was the last building I had to upgrade before I maxed out my camp. Not sure if it has changed since the update.

    Can I ask why you're interested? Is it just so that you have a better understanding of what has changed? Or are you concerned that you won't hit level 58 when all is said and done?
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    @jayz. Thanks for that. I think @OneLessTitan had the same for radio, but it just seems too high for the radio

    Yes, the reason I ask is because unless I am missing a building upgrade (I swear I have checked and checked and checked), then I am not going to reach level 58.
    I was never going to reach level 58 and then my points were reduced.
    So the 2 solutions are
    - I will not reach it and they have screwed up the calculations
    - They have increased the BP of the buildings, and those 5 remaining buildings (combined) have gone up 340 points.
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    @blynknz With regard to the first part of your statement ("seems too high for the radio upgrade"), I don't think the amount of BP you get has to do with how "important" a building is. I think it has more to do with how much the building costs. For example, the radio tower required 6 million tomatoes for the last upgrade. The training grounds and workshop also both required 6 million tomatoes, and both of those each gave out 480 BP. The hospital and mission car both required 5.75 million tomatoes and each gave 400 BP. I think the only exception to this rule is Council upgrades, which give significantly more BP compared to the rest of the buildings.

    I'm assuming that you will reach 58 (it seems like there haven't been any issues for maxed out players after the update), so please keep us posted on if the BP values changed. I'm sure this weekend's event will help with your building upgrades.

    One last thing I just thought of: Have you cleared all of the junk/rubble from your camp? I recall someone saying that doing that actually earns you a little bit of BP. That might be the 23 point difference (if BP values haven't changed for your buildings).
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    @JayZ yes, all the junk is cleared, but I believe it was determined that they didn't give points.
    Also, that 23 was before the update. I have now been dropped and have to get another 340 points from somewhere.

    Yeah, I am about to update the next building, and by the end of the weekend should be about to get the next one updated. So that would give me the answer to 2/5 buildings.
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    Not only have you taken away my bp but you have taken away countless hours of time spent trying to upgrade these buildings which could be less if you did not set the amount needed to do so at ridiculous levels of supplies to begin with. Also the gold used by me to upgrade them faster so I didn't have to wait even more time to be able to use them, only to tell me it was to level the field and make it fair. Then tell us who lost bp use the double supply weekend and gas booster to earn back what we took from you. That is a cop out and is total Bs. Like my answer or not that's how I feel and I am sure others do to.
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    Personally, don't think I'm going to lose any sleep over this, but I think I'm in a similar situation to @blynknz

    Pre 2.3 lvl 57, hospital upgrading, after that, only radio tower left. Everything else maxed, cleared junk, have the memorial BP 274/1250

    Now that I look at it, guess I wouldn't have made it either
    BP 274 +400 for hospital = 674
    +480 for final radio tower = 1154/1250

    Post 2.3 hospital complete, have BP 570, so only got +296 for hospital, or got 400, but was reduced by 104. Either way, assuming I get +480 when I upgrade the tower, looks like I'll be still lvl 57
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    I started upgrading my radio tower before the upgrade.
    pre 2.3: 57.356 (radio upgrading to 10, walker pit level 8)
    post 2.3: 57.181
    radio level 10: 57.861 (radio is 680)
    You will be ok.
  • blynknzblynknz Member Posts: 1,988
    So the radio tower gave you 680?
    And that would mean the last walker pit will give you, 389 (Which i believe is about correct).

    So maybe that is right then. If they increased the value of the radio level 10 by 200, and level 9 by about 140, then I would make it.

    But I am still waiting for confirmation from @Shteevie
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