Non si trova un cazzo!! In più di 10 chiamate da 15 radio non ho trovato né eroi né leggendari. Solo qualche epico...


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    [mod edit] Warning! Totally disrespectful response.
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    Sorry to hear that the radio calls were a disappointment to you so far. The results you get from radio calls are totally random. Making the 15 radio calls was the best choice you could have made though. While you did not get heroes, you will have certainly gotten a lot of other tokens and survivors.

    From Google Translate:

    Mi dispiace sentire che le chiamate radio erano una delusione per te finora. I risultati che si ottengono da chiamate radio sono del tutto casuale. Effettuare le chiamate radio 15 è stata la scelta migliore che si potrebbe avere fatto però. Anche se non hai avuto eroi, avrete certamente ottenuto un sacco di altri segni e dei sopravvissuti.
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    Thanks! Silly me. Changed it to Italian!

    The forum has no objection to the occasional non-English post.
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    I apologize to anyone who read my posts, feeling it was rasist

    I want any culture, any language to engage this game. We need more, not less. We will all gain :)

    I am sorry for being 'down' on OP

    Lots of 'I's but three 'I's a crowd, listen to the crowd xD!
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    I think I obtained one Legendary character from a 15 call. Generally I find Rares with the occasional Epic.

    Best bet to get hero tokens, for me anyway, has been the "Greater chance for ________ tokens" 10 call.
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    I understand English. Finally I've gotten 128 Rosita tokens. (Sorry if I made mistakes)
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    No problem whit non english but face it in general nobody understands alle andere talen. Bijvoorbeeld Nederlands. Dit wil niet zeggen dat ik niet veel respect heb voor jullie allemaal. Engels is in internationaale omgangsvormen de voertaal. We willen elkaar toch wel begrijpen. Love and respect you all.
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