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Is there a way we can be notified on screen that a quest has popped up because I would like to be able to use my re-roll chance on quests that do not gain me challenge stars. Thanks! @Teeceezy @TK-421 @Miss Rogue @OldGoth


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    We have no idea when we can expect new quests and how many.
    There have to be simple explanation.
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  • I'd just like a quest this week. Got 1 in almost4 days now
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    @bgbelden They seem sporadic sometimes. It's driving me bonkers. Even maybe just a predictable time every day!
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    there is actually a pop up when you open the game. there is a small, almost unnoticed pop up near the quest tab. and it only show up once when you open the game and there is a new quest. But as for the timer, there is none.. i hope there is, but none..
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    @aysatyo I have seen the pop-up occasionally but it doesn't appear if you are in game at the time. @Teeceezy @Miss Rogue @TK-421 @OldGoth Maybe this pop up could be made to show up in game and stay until you click to see the quest?
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    Please fix half the time I do a quest and I'm not even aware.
  • I check for quests every single time I'm in my camp.
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    @bgbelden I try to remember to do that but it gets old obsessively checking after each mission. I check for quest, it's not there, start playing a few rounds, come back to find I completed a "take no injury" or "avoid a struggle" for zero stars whilst finishing off my gas. It would be nice if the popup box showed up in game and stayed until you clicked to see the quest.
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    NG added notification for new quests! Closing thread.

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