24 hour gas/xp

How about instead of the 24 hour gas and XP boosts running out 24 hours after purchase, they run out in 24 hours of game play time??

This would make them more beneficial (imho)


  • BusterBobBusterBob Member Posts: 12
    I agree. If someone is about to go on a trip, and wants the free update gift, they have no idea what it is. They have to leave the game at home with the 24 hour gas and Xp on it.
  • Shut_UpShut_Up Member Posts: 2,295
    edited December 2016
    There is an in game message telling you what the update gift is and how long to claim it. If people can't figure that out then they have bigger problems than leaving the house with a gas booster in effect.

    It is a mobile game BTW. That means it can leave the house too. ;)
  • GothgulGothgul Member Posts: 284
    I don't think he was talking about the update gift, just gas/exp boost in general.
    I would also love to see something like this:
    Instead of $2 for 24 hr gas, smaller micro versions like 3 hr gas for $0.25, 6 hr for $0.50, etc. Or, $2 buys you a bunch of 3 hour gas tokens which you can redeem when you want. I would buy those left and right.

    As of now, the only gas/exp booster I've used was the recent gift version. While I liked the results, I just felt compelled to play as much as possible to get the most use out of it, which is not really conducive to "real life" stuff. Smaller versions would allow people to still get enjoy the benefit, but be able to plan their use better.
    Similarly for exp, I'd love to see something like a 2x exp token that lasts for the next 1M, 2M, (etc.) exp you earn (effectively netting you 2M, 4M).
  • DeanTWDDeanTWD Member Posts: 187
    edited December 2016
    Yeah I agree with @Gothgul. Smaller Gas packages would make it more interesting to me. I don't have enough time in the day to sit on my phone and play 5 x 1 or 2 hour slots on the 24 hour gas.

    A 3 hour, 6 hour and 12 hour gas option would be decent. Not sure how they'd work it with the price though.

    £1.49 for 24 hours, £0.99 for 6 hours, £0.49 for 3 hours maybe?

    Maybe start including 1 hour unlimited gas for some TGs?
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