Stunned enemy still attacking for damage!

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I thought this was fixed or being Fixed! How can a stunned enemy still cause damage? It should be impossible but it just happened in S.W.A.T. All survivors had no damage before stunning the Armored enemies, but one was still able to attack and cause bruising which cost the player and guild a valuable star. @Teeceezy , @Shteevie or Devs, please look into this and get this fixed.


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    Same happening to me also, no pictures because I Thought it was human error, maybe was going crazy. Will obtain pictures next time
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    Hard to predict when a stunned enemy will surprise you, but will be on the Lookout for it.
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    I thought stun only worked on normal/critical hits, and I thought that all shots were body shots from +4.
    Is that only for ranged survivors? or did you get lucky and have 2 normal hits against them
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    Those are pink star survivors. They have better traits than normal. Also equipped with Morgan's staff, fully upgraded. The screens were a turn before the incident, with full health. The first screen was the result of the attack and incident, showing one survivor that had taken damage from a stunned enemy. They're posted out of order, but the enemy hasn't had a chance to attack yet...supposedly. You can see the single spawn coming in 2 turns, then you can see the spawn, and turns remaining till next spawn.
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    Ah, I didn't take into account the pink stars.
    I was also wondering if it was the middle walker that is stunned for 2 turns. Was that because he attacked and was only stunned because your survivor retaliated?
    Because if I recall, Morgans staff doesn't have the concussion trait.
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    @Camel56 I read your description but it doesn't match what it's in the photo but I could be missing something so let me share what I see. You said they are out of order so the second screenshot shows 2 rounds till spawn then the next screen shot shows 4 rounds til spawn. That looks like the first spawn has occurred before the second screen shot. You also said the player so does that mean you are posting for someone in your guild?

    Nonetheless I think @blynknz is headed in the right direction. The 2 round stun suggests the walker was not stunned initially and attacked the survivor and was stunned on retaliate.
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    @Shut_Up The first photo shows 4 turns till next spawn, but you'll notice, that the spawn just got there (top right) The second photone shows 1 spawn ready to come out.
    @blynknz Morgan's Staff is wide area, silver concussion, gold Lethal, and Accurate. The top middle armored got stunned by both Bruisers, the others once.
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    I thought this weekend was supposed to be double supplies? I am not getting double anything ☹️.
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