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Hi guys,

What is the maximum damage on a lvl 20 hunter? One of my guildies is having trouble with the last stage of this week's Negan special cus he can't one shot kill them with a hunter. He does a maximum of 1500 damage he says.

Is there anything that can be done to up this damage?


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    @AssCatcher It's difficult to give an exact number of what max damage could be.. It is completely based upon what weapon he is using.. Increased Crit chance, lethal and Destructive traits will give the best "bang" for your buck! :wink: Also what traits his survivor has! Will also depend on the level of the weapon.. With pretty much any level 23 weapon on a level 20 survivor he should be able to one hit level 22 walkers, with an occasional body shot!

    So it sounds like to me he needs some better gear! You could post a SS of what he is using and that may help pinpoint the problem!
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    Weapon damage is increased by having a higher level weapon and rarity. Weapons of the same level but different rarity have different values - see pic. Make sure your character is at max level for your training ground and that your weapon is at max level above your character (that's +3 depending on rarity of weapon) °°°an exception is the Kingdom Spear as you'll see in pic°°°
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    @AssCatcher It depends on the traits of the survivor and weapon. I have an epic rifle leveled up to 23 with gold Lethal with a base of 1084, but with Epic Maggie (Level 20) and her level 3 Marksman, it does a base of 2122 in damage. It sounds like your guildie needs a better weapon. The Michonne trial requires the best gear you can pull together with the best possible survivor. Good luck to them!
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    As for Hunter it depends on traits as well, Anthony, Clyde and Daryl all have max 23 upgraded leg weapons
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    Thanks guys thought so but was clueless as I am only lvl 37 myself. Thanks for the advice, will pass it on and post SS should the need ocure.
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