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Fuel issues have been an major problem. Many already suggested something like a bigger reserve or shortening the time it takes to draw another gallon of fuel. As I was thinking over this you could actually make this another game element. A new building, an energy farm. A sort of distillery to make fuel directly, or by going green and building small windmills or usage of solar panels to recharge batteries as an alternate fuel source. I don't know, you could even put in an algae farm that will be used to get fuel from.
Higher levels would then correspond with a faster fuel recovery.

Another great idea:
zoson said:

How about replacing the car with a tesla and a solar charging station? Then, you add solar panel arrays to reduce battery charging time.

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    Good someone else posted renewable energy, maybe they will integrate it into the game with more supporters.
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    Yes I did awhile back ;). Don't know if I was the first, but several other games have different types of energy and sell/give as rewards partial refills of them. Hopefully NG will realize that a couple fuel types will increase playability and income as players would pay for the type of play they enjoy: story (pve), star (event)and eventually PvP (or whatever - GvG).
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    I think this is a good idea. Especially later in the challenge, it gets frustrating to wait 2-3 hours to play 10-15 minutes
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    How about replacing the car with a tesla and a solar charging station? Then, you add solar panel arrays to reduce battery charging time.
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    I would even walk to a mission, if I wouldnt need gas for it.
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    What about wood gasifiers? Lots of trees were cleared leveling the base....
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    what about a chariot.. with 2 walkers, cut off its arms and jaws, pulling it..
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    Wew! glad it brings about some discussion. Although I have to say that alternate transport @aysatyo is talking about sounds really interesting! Just one problem, docile walkers won't go anywhere without being pushed to do so. Perhaps it'd be more efficient if you were to use regular walkers, harnassed and all while you dangle a piece of freshly cut meat in front of them.

    @zoson I like it! This is a great fit for having both fuel capacity and faster recovery in one building.
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    Actually, thinking about it, gas requirement shouldn't go up.. you are just going to the same mission. You pretty much already know the way. So why would you spent more gas? Are you going on a different longer path each time you do the same mission? I think not. Its not logical.. devs should think more about it.

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    True it's not logical for fuel to increase, but is it logical to go to the same place again and again, opening the same crates expecting supplies to have magically appeared?
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