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SwagmanSwagman Member Posts: 48
To the devs ,Each time I see that there is news to be read I hope it has something to do with the leaderboards ! Please at least aknowledge there is a problem and perhaps try and inform your loyal players if and when you hope to resolve the issues . It has been some weeks now and Iam sure Iam not the only one annoyed by the situation or lack of info .


  • ShteevieShteevie Staff Posts: 1,335
    Sorry to hear that you feel uninformed. I haven't been hesitating to talk about the problems that exist in the leaderboards, and we are all very aware that the changes that went through in 2.3 had effects that we didn't anticipate.

    Unfortunately, we cannot issue any new changes to the game, as the App stores are closed for the year. The corrections to the leaderboard issues have vaulted to the top of our priority list, and we have had a few of our developers focusing on this since the release of the last update. We'll be announcing changes as soon as we know when they are going to be available.
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  • SwagmanSwagman Member Posts: 48
    Ok . I only felt that way because I was not getting any response and great news the staff all know about the issue . Thanks for the update . Why don't you tell everyone in your news and Iam sure there will be a lot less annoyed players ? Talking about it as in answering my question is appreciated but don't you think it would be better to say what you said to me publicly . (not just on thread ) it would restore some faith as at least the problem is aknowledged and a plan of action in place to fix issue ? Most players would have no idea that nothing can be done until new year and that the devs are actually doing something about it . So anyone who doesn't use the thread won't feel uninformed too .
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