Gear, traits and upgrades; Rare v Epic v Legendary

I am overwhelmed with green lvl gear. It has higher damage than the upgraded legendary and epic items my survivors use but, you know, it's *only* rare.....and has no upgraded traits, which my blue and gold weapons do.

So my question is; do I equip my team with weapons and armour at the highest level possible, regardless of whether it's green, blue or gold - or should I stick with my lower level but upgraded epic and legendary ones. Also

1/. I hate the green box and bouncing exclamation mark on my survivors which tells me they theoretically have better gear available. Should I listen to it or ignore it?
2/. my Negan came with common armour which suggests it's ok to use that level gear. Is that right?
3/. I admit to being not at all interested in studying individual weapon traits and their effects. I do appreciate key ones like swift strike and wide arc as I acknowledge their benefits because I can immediately see them in gameplay.

Thanks, and sorry for the long question on such a straightforward subject!


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    Some modifiers like Lethal Weapon (damage addition for shooters) don't alter the damage value being displayed for the weapon so you may not necessarily be getting the whole picture. Looking at my equipment I have two legendary guns both at level 19 and both showing a damage of 768. One has gold LW which adds 15%, so it actually has an attack value of 883. The green box exclamation point thingy only looks at base values and doesn't take this into account. The only way for you to know for sure is to actually swap out the item and see the effect on your survivors stat. At that point it's a matter of deciding which is more important to you. Damage/health base amounts or traits. And I can see good arguments to be made for both.
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    Right: once the weapon/armor is equipped, all %-based increases will be displayed, but they don't show up on the weapon/armor itself (which I get, because they don't want us confused when we get two weapons of the same rarity/level that show different amounts).

    I also hate the green exclamation point, and wish I could turn it off! I have one scout (Glenn, rare) with Legendary Level 22 armor that I KNOW has less health than my Epic Level 23 armor, but the dodge and other traits make it soooo much better. Still, it is tempting just to get it out of the way and equip whatever does the "most".

    One thing to keep in mind is Iron Skin. Since it doesn't improve your HEALTH (but rather makes you take less damage per hit), it has the same effect but doesn't display on your survivors' health a piece of armor with gold or silver Iron Skin does, effectively, increase your health since every single attack will lose some umph. Therefore, you might see a green ! but Iron Skin may actually make that technically incorrect.
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    @ricktada Not sure about your survs lvl, so my advice is bit guessing.
    Question is, how big is difference between upgraded epic/leg piece and that unupgraded rare piece. If this difference is not big, I would use upgraded epic/leg as they have unlocked traits(while leveled). My suggestion is, not to upgrade all possible equip till survs lvl15/16. Sure, you will miss some power, but you will be able to lvl up your survs and progress faster. Once you will have such survs, you can start upgrading those epic/leg pieces, but choose carefully which ones(according to traits). You are right, on weapons traits like wide arc,wide spread, wide bore, high powered, swift strike, concussion are more valuable, but lethal, both criticals(increased rate, increased dmg), piercing, charging, threat reduction and some others are important too. And now we are speaking only about weapons. As armors have some more/less useful traits too. Those more valued(imo) are dodge, stun resist, iron skin, buletproof(for outposts and ranged saviors). You will always benefit on using upgraded equip but if you have good set of traits, this benefit will be even bigger.
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    @Gladi Thank you for your valuable help. I am maxxed out at level 58 and have until now, been upgrading people and stuff without researching fully how to maximise my efforts. I have only really bothered about wide shot in weapons which I love. I will take your advice!
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    She came with this first sword. As I use different weapon and they progressively go up in number. Look at the traits to maximize the gear. Legendary gear is always better even if a lower level. The traits are the most important matter.
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