walking through the final mission for now Episode 8 5/5

countricktercountrickter Member Posts: 15
....some of us were having problems finishing episode 8 . So i attempted to make a video with my strategy..go ahead and use it if you like.

It is pretty difficult...but with patience i know you can pass it. I believe in you. Have fun..this game is lit. I love it. <3



  • The_Fake_McCoyThe_Fake_McCoy Member Posts: 11
    Great video, thanks for posting this. Also love the commentary, very funny. Now every time I shoot a gun in the game I will have to say "picuen!"
  • Thanks for the video. My survivor are L15 & L16. So this help me. Your commentary was funny thanks for the chuckles. Also I didn't know if you share you get extra tokens. Lmao dammit!
  • HUFF Daryl and my best shooter could not complete the last trial. GRRRRR BOOO HISSS!
  • countricktercountrickter Member Posts: 15
    @707emeraldtriangle ohhh nooooo. Did you use overwatch sometimes that keeps the walkers at bay. I like using Daryl because he can sometimes not attract the walkers over.. they will repeat this mission.. so good luck on the next time!
  • countricktercountrickter Member Posts: 15
    Thanks for watching everyone. Picuen @The_Fake_McCoy

    I am glad you at least got extra tokens. @707emeraldtriangle
  • @countrickter I finally got the last trial done this morning with my weak Tara and my L16 legendary shooter.
  • countricktercountrickter Member Posts: 15
    @707EmeraldTriangle congrats! Lol. Everyone talks about Tara. How did she help you? Legendary helps! did you upgrade the weapon?
  • @countrickter Tara was I guess my wild card. I don't normally use her cause she is not built up at all. I have found NO Tara tokens. She does have legendary gun but it not upgraded either. Now my regular legendary survivor had some perks and upgrades. To be honest I am shock the two work so well together. I have to say the Healing part of Tara did help. Yes they came out of it beat up bad. It was worth it and I take the win. GO ME.
  • countricktercountrickter Member Posts: 15
    awesome..now those are survivors
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