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Here are links to all the sections on my Info Site for easy referencing. Thanks to all the helpful forum users and my guildies for helping with the information! I'm always looking to add new info, so If there is anything you think should be added to the site, let me know and I'll add it if I can.

For links to other threads on the forum, check out the thread by @MadPuppy here.

New Player Guide
General Tips
Gameplay Tips
Guild Tips
Outpost Tips
Video Walkthroughs of Chapters (from @zoson @kapaootweets @Terminates )

Survivors & Heroes:
Class Token Economy
Damage & Health Base Ratings

Traits (and Badges):
What Traits Should I be Looking For?

Distance Guides:
Version #1
Version #2
Version #3
Version #4

Challenge Guides:
Challenge Maps

Outpost Basics
Setting Up Your Defense
Raiding Tips
Scout Placement

MISC Stuff
Building Info & Costs
Challenge Rewards
Survivor Slots
Trade Good Rewards: Equipment Levels based on Player Level
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