15 Pulls. This is ridiculous..



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    U should use it in a Event time... u certainly would get 4Stars Survivors at least. :disappointed:
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    I have not had any luck with either of the events, so I quit saving radios.

    Heh the same here. I used 250 radios during event to pull only 1 leg bruiser.
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    grimey said:

    It honestly feels like you have the same chance to get a legend from 1-5 or 15 radio calls. Slim to none.

    This is why I was asking and wanted to track it. Lets say pulling 1 radio your chance to get a Legend is 1 in 200, using 5 radios your chance is 1 in 150 and using 15 radios your chance is 1 in 100.

    In that case you're better off using 1 radio at a time. Yes technically 15 radios have the best odds, but it's not the best odds per radio. This is why I want to collect data and compare, and see what the most efficient way is. Because so far I've pulled 3 Epics, and all 3 were pulled with a 5 radio call.

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