Need help To kick or keep


  • GladiGladi Member Posts: 616
    Peggy(assault) is only real keeper for me.
    Replace your hunters, though you have 2 legs, they both dont have dodge and luck. Nathan is a good overwatch hunter and Mara can be pretty decent if dodge will be her 5th trait.
    Scouts... replace
    Assaults...replace Gail and Norma, Peggy is your all time keeper.
  • tpzinhotpzinho Member Posts: 14
    Ty @Gladi for your feedback
  • GladiGladi Member Posts: 616
    HTH @tpzinho . One small add to my post, you dont have to kick all of them at once, replace them as you´ll get better ones. Try to have several free slots(get them with gold or with bundles) so you can keep newcomers and kick those you have at moment you get your newbies to proper lvl. Once in a while we have great events like discounted gold calls(15 phones to 10 phones), so I suggest you to not spend phones once you have 15, but take advantage of mentioned event and gather your phones and use them once this event hits. Even if unlucky, you will make more spins and get more tokens for future use. If you feel lucky, you can try to promote rares with 3 good traits, but generally promoting epics is gamble big enough. Good traits for range survs are dodge, bullet dodge, luck, marksman, iron skin and sure shot, for melee it is dodge, bullet dodge, luck, strong, iron skin and retaliate(I mentioned 6 though it is possible to have only 5 traits). Any combination of these works but for all time keepers, those survs have to have dodge, luck and marksman/strong. You can find more in this part of forum.
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