Holiday Competition!



  • MarcMarc Member Posts: 19
    perhaps this could count as a joke or maybe not funny at all...

    Why isnt Hershel part of the hero list in NML?

    He's Santa... not someone that we can control xD
  • GebobsGebobs Member Posts: 428
    Speaking of badges, is there a list of currently available badges and their requirements?
  • SabrinaSabrina Member Posts: 144
    edited December 2016

    here is my wishlist for game features 2017, or at least some of them :) I put them in the form of a very short Christmas story, hoping if I can obtain an awesome Holiday forum badge :) It is definitely not very humourous but I hope it has enough creativity and effort :)

    If you find this “No Grinches Allowed", please feel free to remove. I can put this to Suggestion & Ideas -section also :) but still like to try an awesome Holiday forum badge :)

    The wishlist for 2017 in TWDNML:

    - Short lasting buffs, like 5% accuracy or 5% RNG to 1 AP
    - Devices and and gadgets, like spike mat or fireworks to change attention of zombies
    - Simultaneous multi-area special missions for 6 characters (like Episodes but more often)
    - Weapon add-ons, like Grenade launcher in machine gun

    The short story below:
    - Sabrina, lv60 LVT (Life-TIme Profit), Elder of Suomikilta I-V -
  • Nick_DixonNick_Dixon Member Posts: 54
    "How do I get trough this day...?"
    "I know you look down on me and I know you wish me the best, with Michonne, with the kids, with the life I lead now..."
    "It's hard to cope... I lost control to an egocentric violent sadist..."

    "Give me the strength to endure all, to protect them all, to kill them all..."

    "To annihilate them all, taking them down, one by one, ..."

    "That way we can live our lives again like we used to... struggling but in control..."

    "Giving her a future, a real X-mas, perhaps even a real present, for I know that's what your 'souly' beating heart is craving for: the joy, the smile on her face..."

    "Something that was taken from our son, but I know we will give it back to him, we will let him believe again, in himself, in the fellowmen, in his own and our future..."

    "So many years ago, the presents were trivial, words of x-mas meant nothing really, the yurning for a better life is massive now, the feeling of X-mas will come again and then, we will share thoughts again,... this time with a smile... on all our faces...

    "Say Hi to Abraham, Glenn, Shane, Sam, Jessie... celebrate our lives for this X-mas as we will celebrate yours later on! Huge amount of hugs and kisses from beneath... we miss you all..."

    "Carl, you gonna need another hat soon!"

    Vlaamse Crew: join us - open recruitment - only active players inside!! Enkel actieve spelers!!

    Momenteel nr 1 lokale ranking: BE en nr 3 globale ranking!!

  • biter370biter370 Member Posts: 131
    Jingle bells
    Jingle bells
    Calling the walkers in
    Daryl is preparing his bow

    Jingle bells
    Jingle bells
    Rick is loading his pistol

    Oh what fun it is playing the challenges too!
  • gbucks777gbucks777 Member Posts: 1
    I love this game one of the best phone games out
  • saidsaid Member Posts: 2
    edited December 2016
    love me <3 , touch me, >:) kiss me <3
  • 4bz10844bz1084 Member Posts: 1
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    Twas the week before Christmas and not a Walker was stirring. Alone in the dark lay Darryl in wait crossbow in hand to seal the undeads fate
  • DjuDju Member Posts: 1
    J adore ce jeu. Trop bon
  • sengtongsengtong Member Posts: 1
    Hooo,,hooo,,,hooo,,,Walker r coming,,
    Jingle bells,,,jingle bells,,,jingle walker way,,,,,
  • Hitokiri34Hitokiri34 Member Posts: 1
    Merry Christmas to all of you, walkers or survivors :p
  • limauyinlimauyin Member Posts: 1
    As what Rick said
    " Not Today, Not Tomorrow… but i am gonna kill you"
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