Daryl Tokens glitch

bloitedcorpsebloitedcorpse Member Posts: 6
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I was working my *** off the past hours gathering radios and taking advantage of the Daryl radio calls. I was at the point of being short less then 15 tokens from 250 and promoting to Legendary. I then noticed that even after spending boxes in the trade section for 10 Daryl tokens that I was only at 226/250. The 10 tokens should of put me close to being over the top toward promoting and poof WTF where did all the tokens go from my recent radio calls!!!!!! I spend way to much money on this APP for this kind of BS things to have happen.


  • WalkerballzWalkerballz Member Posts: 1,896
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    Put in a ticket, hit the gear icon, in game , help, contact us and it's a wait but they will answer
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