Passing a guild

I currently lead a guild. If I wish to leave it, can I pass leadership to another member, or will it be disbanded by my leaving?
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  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,624
    You can promote someone else to be the leader before leaving.
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    Oh good @zbot . Because I didn't want to be a dick, and leave the members of the guild in a lurch. I have really, really enjoyed this game, but I can see, with the increasing caust of missions, I am going to be getting to a point that I can't fesibaly play without spending RW money that I don't have to spend on anything but bills and food. This rather sux for me, but that's how the online gaming industry is these days I suppose.
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  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,624
    @Yrcanos , welcome. I'm a F2P player and after a year of farming for supplies, xp, radios and food, I'm maxed out with good survivors. Now working slowly on upgrading my gear. If you want to enjoy the game as a F2P, you need a longer term view, set goals and find a good guild to grow with.
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    And an F2P player is...
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    @Yrcanos I believe it's is Free 2 play...
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  • YrcanosYrcanos Member Posts: 47
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  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,550
    @Yrcanos As long as you are in a guild that does not require a lot of stars that force the guild members to buy gas boosters to reach, you can play for free as long as it is fun. When it is no longer fun, that is time to reconsider your game play. As the guild leader, you can ask if the guild wants to scale back on the stars. If not, then hand off the guild and find a more "casual" guild that has fewer star requirements or none at all. There are plenty of guilds out there that are non-competitive. Have fun and good luck!
  • MadPuppyMadPuppy Member Posts: 2,831
    If it's fast results you're after, you'll need to spend money.

    If you're fine with just playing for fun and you don't mind that collection of resources takes a good while, then you can play the game all the way to the "end" for free.
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