Can we talk about the special hero calls some more?

Seriously, the game keeps throwing these at us as if they're something to be happy about, but when you get right down to it, it's just trying to sucker us into paying double rates for a silver radio call. It takes some gall to bill these as some big promotion when they're actually a significantly worse proposition than the normal calls.

Devs should either cut the price to 5 radios or make them significantly better than they are now, as it stands they're a joke in bad taste. :|
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  • GladiGladi Member Posts: 616
    @Cantrip Agreed. Just got lucky and pulled uncommon and rare(shooter with fine traits, so keeper for this moment), but my last attempts unlocking Tara and Rosita cost me about 200 radios while getting 50 or so tokens for both...not even close to be worthy doing this(but stupid as Im, I wanted to unlock them ASAP).
  • nigel12345nigel12345 Member Posts: 4
    Totally agree, because you get so little tokens for the heros to upgrade them it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth at the end.
  • avelardezavelardez Member Posts: 1,320
    Stick with the 15 radio calls. At least you can walk away with 32 tokens minimum. These are from past two days using them 30 radios. Got 24 hours gas so I can raid quickly and get crates to buy.
  • PapacasPapacas Member Posts: 416

    OP: it doesn't take 'some gall' as you put it. The entire economic scheme of this game is terrible value, but this is how gaming companies make money. They rarely make much from smart and hardcore players. These are useful for PR and marketing purposes and maintaining a healthy playerbase. Money is made from average and below average intelligence people who are a large majority. And NG is at least smart enough to know that if they package something as great value and to be excited about, enough dummies will take it exactly that way and bite. That's why they go for heroes. Dummies who are also fans of the show will pay for these phones qnd crappy bundles because why not. Dummies don't tend to be responsible buyers who are careful about their money and look for the best value. I suppose these events make enough money to keep pumping them out. I suppose the hardcore player drop hasn't been noticeable or important enough to warrant any changes in the marketing strategy. So, we're stuck with this and an occasional nod to smart, analytical players who care about numbers, traits and don't find good value in 20 bucks for a shitty piece of weaponry or some supplies that take an hour to get without buying in a game that is an endless grind.

    @ChlewnyKnur so what you are saying is that people who pay to play are less than intelligent? Or just referring to these bundles and specif situations?
  • SlowMoSlowMo Member Posts: 203
    Really? OK I get it now if I want Maggie tokens I do calls on Glenn day, Jesus tokens on Rick day so and so forth..
  • dulinquartersdulinquarters Member Posts: 481
    I also agree with your thoughts regarding the 10 radio calls!
    1st I thought it was a typo, thinking it should be a 3star or higher survivor with increased chance of hero tokens. Didn't think that radio call,on average, would produce less favorable choices than the 5 radio call. Several times I have gotten very nice offers with 5 radios. Just last night I received choice of 18 Jesus or 32 Carol tokens! I was able to unlock her with that! The times I have used 10 radios I have only been offered hero tokens once, with just 1 hero offered.Several times using 5 & 10 radios I have been often 2 & 3 heroes to choose from, seems that should be a for sure thing with the 10 radio options?? That's my 10 cents on the radio calls!
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  • KillingLightKillingLight Member Posts: 118
    It has worked for me but I time the special calls. . Usually only once on the first few hours of the offer. But only get 8-16 tokens or so.

    15 call is the best
  • WalkerRonWalkerRon Member Posts: 288
    These "hero" radio calls for double the price of a silver is pretty much a rip off.

    I've been suckered into doing them and have been farming 10 radio hero calls and for the most part they're just the same drop rate as a silver radio call.

    very rarely do you get the hero that is being hyped about. And when you do its only 10 tokens.

    MOST of the time, I get 8tokens of just some random class.

    You are definitely better off rolling 15 radio tokens. The 10 hero token day is a big scam. Honestly they should just change the price to 5 token and hype the hero day as a 5 radio call.
  • bigbeanobigbeano Member Posts: 602
    What more is there 2 say,get this crap of our screen or change them already!Silver +gold calls only for me!
  • Yeah just to throw in my towel on this.. i have michone trying to get unlocked right now and have been unsuccessful despite 60 pulls on the "10 radio" call. 60 freaking pulls and she still isn't unlocked. Total joke. Complete waste of money
  • quitJOSHinquitJOSHin Member Posts: 134
    So how many michonne tokens did 600 radios get you?
  • SupremeCommanderZachSupremeCommanderZach Member Posts: 30
    edited December 2016
    Over 60 pulls on the "10 radio" michone special = 392 tokens. Need to get to 500 to unlock. That is a whole load of bullpoop
  • MabikiMabiki Member Posts: 1,732
    I once knew a guy who spent $60 on lotto tickets, hoping to win big. He won back $40,, but he didn't hit the jackpot and didn't say the lotto was a ripoff, even though it is. He knew the odds were slim. And later, he bought more tickets.
  • Bill_ZRTBill_ZRT Member Posts: 1,421
    > @Mabiki said:
    > I once knew a guy who spent $60 on lotto tickets, hoping to win big. He won back $40,, but he didn't hit the jackpot and didn't say the lotto was a ripoff, even though it is. He knew the odds were slim. And later, he bought more tickets.

    At least with the lottery, the odds are clearly defined so everyone can make an informed decision.
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  • jimmorrison369jimmorrison369 Member Posts: 2,065
    Daryl is close to legendary for me.
    I needed about 175 daryl tokens.
    I was collection some nice radios in the event so...

    I knew better, but still went for the hero-calls.
    300+ radios later I still need 35 tokens...

    I did get a 128 jezus tokens, an epic survivor and a substantial amount of 32 token pulls.

    15 radio calls will give way more tokens for sure.
    Hero-calls are such a bad deal, token-wise.

    You have to pay an arm and leg just to get a specific hero sooner.

    And when you do get that hero, it will take much longer to get other heroes.
    Because you're out of radios.

    I'm officially cured of making hero-calls.
  • CaptainslayerCaptainslayer Member Posts: 1,430
    I still don't believe ppl try the special calls still, particularly ppl on the forum. The forum saved me from these terrible calls as I was saving for a abraham/glenn one the first time they came around, cheers guys btw. The only reason I'm on a good behavior on the forum (so i don't get kicked off) lately so I can be informed about these sucky things
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  • LordNeganLordNegan Member Posts: 27
    I've now tried 12 straight scavenging missions and not one radio has dropped. Anyone else experiencing this?
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