Story mission: Chapter 14, mission 2, nightmare mode

avelardezavelardez Member Posts: 1,043
edited November 2016 in Game Issues
I have been experiencing problems with the game not having all three saviors to kill in the Nightmare mode of Story mission 14 mission 2. I can Rescue the bruiser and I can kill the savior bruiser and the other one be it the hunter or shooter savior but the third one is missing and is leaving me hanging with only two kills. They seem to hide under the tree. Does one climb into the tree or what? I can get to the end with both fighter super charged or with both full health. Anyone experiencing this. This seems so unfair to make it to the finish line and the game does not give you the option to win by hiding the last savior. He did no run past me while I took care or his buddy. The spawn struggled his buddy or left with little health so I could take him out and get another charge. Where in the world is the last savior at?

I have also experienced freezing in this mission only. If I end with the survivor dying it glitches by the game getting stuck showing bruiser in a struggle and does not allow me a turn. Also when moving and firing at the Walker struggling the survivor, it shows a used action but Walker standing and still in the struggle. Have to exit out the game and open back up to see the Walker die and use my next turn.


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